Why don't women get equal recognition? |
Why don't women get equal recognition?
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Why don’t women get equal recognition?

An unasked question you see in many eyes. A loud question many choose to ignore. Why don’t women get equal recognition ?

Patriarchy-the real culprit

A conversation with a colleague on gender bias is what led to this thought. “I have completed the projects assigned, brought new ideas to the table and have client appreciation too. Yet, internally there has never been appreciation or recognition.” she said. Without a second’s break, she continued, ” Whereas the men in the office are applauded for the smallest of the work they do. It’s a pattern, really. Why don’t women get equal recognition?”

Her thoughts were nothing new, its the thoughts every working woman thinks and feels, atleast once in their worklife. Oh hell! ‘Often’ is a better word than ‘atleast once’.

My answer always is patriarchy is the culprit. Subtle, unconscious or outright direct way of patriarchy. Men are thought to be more smart, more intelligent than woman. So the same work coming from a woman just means it was easy, but a man does it and hes smart.

Let me explain.

A man from the time he was a boy, is applauded for everything he does. “Oh! you picked up your toys. Sucha good boy.” “Oh! you helped your sister clean up, sucha wonderful boy.” “Oh! You wash clothes today, sucha lucky person your wife is!” “Oh! You came up with a campaign at work, well done on the great job done.”

Men are used to being applauded and grew up that way. A line that most men and some women use. It’s BULLSHIT! It’s an excuse used by everyone who is patriarchal and want to justify their actions.

Bhaiyya, when you call learn to be abusive, drink, smoke which definitely was not thought to you growing up. Then why stay patriarchal and refuse to change? Especially when people are showing you the ways you are being unfair to men and women alike.

Patriarchy is truly a menace, with it’s teeth sunk in everything.

Why don’t Women get Equal Recognition?

Women are talented, hardworking and knowledgeable just like men. Yet, why don’t women get equal recognition? Because we don’t stand up for ourselves and instead be manipulated to think we could have done things better.

Hell ya, we deserve the recognition and the appreciation for all the good work you do. But we need to take it.

We tend to accept what is given and choose to feel bad rather. Women are emotional(not generalizing as such) and we need to accept that. There is nothing wrong in how we are. But we are wrong in keeping quite and accepting what comes our way.

Women don’t get recognition, because they don’t speak up or stand up when recognition is not given.

This is again a byproduct of patriarchy, where women are thought to be quiet, compromising and not asking for more.

What can you do to change this?

Yes, it is additional work on us again to be more vocal. Why can’t we just get it? Because we won’t, not immediately, not until mindsets are changed. It is too much work, I know. But we have got to do it, for ourselves, for the tribe and for the generations of women ahead.

Here are 5 things you can do,

  1. Stand up for yourself and Speak up: Have a talk with your manager on why you were not recognized and appreciated for the work done. Be open to feedback, but be stronger to put your arguments forward.
  2. Stand up for others and Speak Up: When your women colleagues or friends are not given credit for work. Speak up and give them that credit. Applaud them and ask why she wasn’t given credit for the great job she did.
  3. Talk more about the work you do: One thing you need to learn from men, to be boastful of the work you do. Don’t overdo it but make sure to do it enough.
  4. Build a small shoutout group: Make a group of friends and family, where you give eachother a shoutout on your achievements and support eachother on any setbacks. This will boost confidence fir sure.
  5. Believe in yourself: This is number 1 rule but putting it in the last because it will make more sense. None can help you grow than yourself. None can fight for you than yourself. Believe in your talent, your capabilities.

Most importantly, start influencing changes to fight patriarchy around you. At home and work, call out sexism, talk to people around to bring small changes.

Go conquer the world.

No more, Why don’t women get equal recognition?

Only we take what we deserve and none can stop me.

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  • Shilpa Gupte

    SO true! Why do we put men up on a pedestal, praise them for every little thing they do as if they are doing something out of the ordinary? It’s time girls are praised for everything they do right since childhood so that when they grow up into confident women, they get their share of recognition for the jobs they do much better than men!

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