What I Learnt From My First Workshop on Blogging? |
What I Learnt From My First Workshop on Blogging - #OMuaWorkshop
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What I Learnt From My First Workshop on Blogging?

So it happened. My first workshop, ‘I Want to Blog. What next?’ organized by IndoIndians at Jakarta. Something I never thought I would do, but did. I do feel a little accomplished I must say, not because I rocked the workshop(well there sure are a millions things I want to do better at the workshop), but the very fact that I did it is what makes it an accomplishment. An experience indeed I must say and a learning process. Here is what I learnt from my first workshop on blogging.

Workshop – An Opportunity

Being new to Jakarta, I always looked to network and participate in events. Being the founder of IndoIndians, interacting with Poonam was obvious for a newbie like me ;). IndoIndians is like the spirit that brings Indians together in Indonesia. I volunteered for an event for IndoIndians and that’s how the interaction with Poonam came in. We finally met and as we chatted on various things, Poonam had this brainwave on the workshop. I even asked her twice to know, if she really wanted me to do it. 🙂

Yes I have been blogging and know the hum-drums of it from about 7 years, but doing a workshop on it was definitely not on my mind. Writing is what I can do with my eyes closed and on any topic, but ask me to speak about it and that’s a tough one for me. Conversations, networking or even talking non stop, can do but put me on a pedestal and ask me to talk, I will have self doubt hovering over me. 😉

But am glad she suggested it and I took the bait ;). It was something that I hadn’t done and had no other way to know if I could, than to try it. More so I was eager to help someone else get started on blogging, because it’s fun and liberating.

What I Learnt From My First Workshop on Blogging - #OMuaWorkshop

5 Things I Learnt From Doing My First Workshop

Yesterday i.e November 1st 2017 was the day of the workshop and things promised to go wrong from the very start of it. Murphy’s law after all, the time you want things to work out, is exactly the time they won’t. I didn’t find a taxi for a while, but when I did, I got caught in traffic and reached late, which is no good being you are the presenter. Thanks to my patient and the great bunch of ladies participating in the workshop, things went in smooth and we did finish the workshop.

What I Learnt From My First Workshop on Blogging - #OMuaWorkshop

Picture Credit: IndoIndians

Post feedback and my contemplation into how I did it and what culminated on the day, here are 5 things I learnt doing my first workshop,

1.Prepare for your presentation but go without expectation

I had prepared the collateral(Handouts, PPT) and everything a few days prior including the script as to what I would say. Preparing is good, but I went with an expectation that it would go great and I would do the best. Well I didn’t do the best and I went with the flow, but there was stumbling, stammering and a few points being missed. I know I could have done better, but the expectation I had set was making it a hindrance to just enjoy the company. Ultimately, your audience should have a takeaway from it. That should be your only expectation.

2. Keep your Workshop Crisp and Relatable

Now that I look back, I feel the presentation could have been more crisp. I should have added examples to make it more relatable and understandable. It seems like I was trying to be too advicy, instead of just giving them a canvas and telling them they could could go all out. The activity included, is what made the difference, giving them a better idea of things. So keep it more crisp and activity based. Like I said before, they should have learnt something in the end. That’s the goal of any workshop.

3. Make it More About the Participants than Yourself

A feedback Poonam gave me, which was a great feedback. I was basing the workshop on sharing what I learnt from my experiences, rather than concentrating on what the participants wanted to learn. Why they wanted to Blog and how I could aide them to achieve it. Having kept this as the foundation, my experience should have been weaved to make sense of how they can achieve their goals. Something I will for sure keep in mind, hereafter.

What I Learnt From My First Workshop on Blogging - #OMuaWorkshop

Picture Credit: IndoIndians

4. Go atleast 30 mins Before the Start Time

Thanks to Jakarta traffic, no matter how early I left, I was 15 mins late. This isn’t good, as it didn’t give me time to settle and had to start immediately. Being there 30 mins before, will give you time to get used to the surroundings and check on projectors and other things you may need. So you can relax, interact with your audience and collect your thoughts.

5. There is always room for improvement

Every workshop, presentation or even a talk that you do will teach you something. Things that you can do better the next time, things you can tone down or even omit. More so every experience builds more confidence in you to do better in each step. Keep an open mind and take it in.

I should also thank the wonderful participants Shilpa, Sonal and Menaka who kept the session alive, with their anecdotes, comments and questions. I soo enjoyed the interaction the best in the workshop. Would I do another? Yes if there is an opportunity. Does it scare me? Yes, as hell, but doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take a step and not do it right. 🙂 Read about it on IndoIndians.

Did you also have the ‘My First Workshop’ experience or the first talk or presentation? I would love to hear about it. Do let me know in comments section. 🙂

I sooo need a buttermilk cupcake now! <3


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