I Want to Be Thin TO I Need to Be Fit #ApneTareekeSeHealthy |
I Want to Be Thin TO I Need to Be Fit #ApneTareekeSeHealthy
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I Want to Be Thin TO I Need to Be Fit #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

‘Hey! Look at her thighs and arms. So huge!’, said yet another stranger in the mall. This has been the story of my life from a very young age. But I never could get used to it. Not then and not even now. But a mindset change did happend, from an obsession to be thin to a realization for the need to get fit. There sure is a difference my friend. Let me explain.

I want to be thin, I want to look like her

I have been a foodie from my childhood days, where no other thing could bring me happiness more than food. My brother and me are similar in this way. We have loved food and never hesitated to take another laddoo or have another bowl of rice if we liked it. But we also had or say have an issue. We are emotional eaters too! So something makes us sad, frustrated or worried, we turn to food for comfort. So if we eatiing excessively or untimely, it sure is that we are upset about something. 😉

Well of course, this didn’t lead us to anything except making us put on weight. Also blaming our laziness to have never tried to exercise and maintain weight. But the constant comments of friends, relatives and even strangers, calling us names and joking about us, would drive us more to food than away from it.

I remember crying many a times, for a dress that didn’t fit or some comment a stranger made. Then an obsession of becoming thin descended, where I did crash diets, fell ill a lott. Got thin but looked sick. This frustrated me more, as I still couldn’t give up on food as I was a foodie but I wanted to be thin. I have spent years being frustrated about it and never been happy or appreciative of what I had. Rather always worried of what I did not.

Fit is the actual way! #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

My health started to get bad and I constantly was unhappy for not looking thin, but also not wanting to stop eating the food I liked. One day it just hit me like a meteor, that ‘Why the hell am I soo obsessed about looking a certain way by a standard set by the fashion industry or the society?’. More so, I didn’t have the strength to do work at home, like lifting things, as I was just getting thin, but no stamina whatsoever. I remember the day my brother said, what’s the use of getting thin if you don’t have the strength or stamina. This made me realize the stupidity I was doing.

Reality check! I wanted to stay healthy, have the stamina to walk certain miles and trek for certain hours. Also the strength to lift things around the house. I started to research a lot, reading about people who GOT FIT at home and how they did it. How I could still eat what I want, but at the same time not put on weight. Here is what I did and do on and off,

  • Eat healthy and timely. Eat what I like but reduce proportions
  • Eat junk but not too often
  • Exercise. Find the exercise I love or is challenging and do that to just feel good
  • Concentrate on building stamina and strength

This worked miraculously and will for you too. It is important to love what you do and not as a punishment.

Live by and for Yourself

Finding a way to stay healthy at your own pace is the best thing you can do yourself. Don’t do a certain set of it, just because someone else does. Find your own routine and liking, build a healthy life around it. Not only will you loose weight but also stay happy and calm. Waise bhi life is short for you to be frustrated and unhappy and hungry all the time right?

#ApneTareekeSeHealthy but Healthy you should be, for yourself and loved one, never for anyone else.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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    • akshata

      Thank you Alpana. Our social media pressure is way higher than anything, it sure is becoming a route cause of many obsessions. I do wish people start doing things for themselves than for a picture.

  • ashwin

    Very true indeed, passion can do what will power can never do. Although I don’t really like people passing comments on someone’s body, even if it is done for “your own good”. BTW, have you read the book Hunger by Roxanne Gay? You might find it interesting.

  • akshata

    Awesome- loved your refreshing take on staying healthy. Don’t kill yourself and give up on something you love. I love non veg food, chips and chocolates. Though I eat in moderation I sometimes think no point giving up as one fine day I may no longer be able to relish it- whats the point then?

  • Mansi Laus Deo

    You wouldn’t believe Akshata because I’m skinny, but I went through the same phase!! I heard all sorts of comments from all sides and on top of that, it was my own voice telling me that I must gain some kilos.
    And you know what, finally I realized that I’m actually healthy because my stats are all good, and that I look this way because I have been an athlete all my life. I asked myself, “When I have been better than anyone else on the track field, why am I not proud of if off the field?” and then, I was at peace.
    Another thing I recently understood about myself is that I’m an emotional ‘dieter’ 😀 yes, apparently that’s a thing too. So darling, I’m glad that you survived that phase with a healthy mindset (that’s all that matters) and are now “Apne tareeke se healthy”. XOXO

    • akshata

      Oh how glad I am you commented on this with your story too! The society and strangers somehow want to comment on you, fat or thin. Love what you said, why shouldn’t you be proud off field when you are on it. Kudos to you! Love your life and live it too on your terms always. Cheers girlie! <3

  • karuna chauhan

    Akshata so happy to know that you agree that staying fit is more important than being size zero. We must accept that our body types are different so do what you love and enjoy that workout.

  • Manisha Garg

    I think being healthy is more important than anything. What is the use of thinking of being fat or thin if we are not healthy? I totally agree with you that we have to do things for ourselves and not how others tell or do.

  • Arjun Gupta

    This is such an important point you make! People mistake being thin for being fit. I personally know what that is like as well. I used to run miles and go on hunger strikes just to lose a few kgs until I realized that losing fat and gaining muscle is what the point is. Now I walk around, confident about myself and my body.

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