Travelling to Mangaluru? 2 best places to eat in.. |
Travelling to Mangaluru? 2 best places to eat in..
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Travelling to Mangaluru? 2 best places to eat in..

Say the word ‘Travel’ and you cannot stop but grin wide. Even the mention of it somehow brings happiness. It is heart warming, to see many discover the goodness of travel and embracing it as an important part of life. On a short weekend trip or as a stop over, here are 2 best places to eat in Mangaluru.

Travel and food go hand in hand for me. I love travel as much as I love food. Food forms a very important part of any travel, as it gives a whole new dimension to travel. As you discover the local cuisines and specialties, you come to relate to specific ingredients to a place. As someone once said, you never would really know a place unless you know their food. (Well that someone may just be me)

Coming back to the main point which am sure you guys would threaten to scroll down if I blabbered any more. ? 2 best places to eat in Mangaluru. I cross my heart and swear by them. My mouth can’t stop salivating as I am collecting my thoughts to write about them. (Gross I know ;)). Without further ado, here they are,

Giri Manja’s 

Where: Near Kalikamba Temple, Gopalkrishna Temple Road, Bunder, Bhavathi, Mangalore

Cost for 2 when you are too hungry and eat too much : Approx Rs.1000 (This is for 3 fish, 1 meal, 2 plates of prawn and more)

Rest of the details: Zomato 

How to reach : Here is the map link

We went there craving for some sea food and must tell you, we were more than happy. Actually we died and went to heaven that day. Do ensure to start off to try their meals, specifically ask for Mangaluru style puff rice. The ghee roasts sides are totally to die for. Trust me when I say, their fish does not smell or tasty fishy (I mean salt watery or that weird skin taste or smell) but melt like molds of butter in your mouth. Your tongue does a somersault and blesses you for being alive. Confused as to what to order? Well just ask the people there. They are very kind and nice, ensuring you get the best of food from them.

Travelling to Mangaluru? 2 best places to eat in..

Pabbas Ice Cream 

Where: Shree Krishna Prasad Building, Lalbagh, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575004

Cost for 2 : Approx Rs.500

Rest of the details: Zomato 

How to reach : Here is the map link

Now this is a given. You shall actually know why it is soo hyped up. Their ice cream itself is extremely creamy and yumm. What to have, well depends on your taste and they do have their specialties. But what I recommend is to just have plain vanilla ice cream or carrot halwa with vanilla ice cream. This had been our daily addiction when we stayed at Mangaluru. We went there everyday religiously and ate the same things. I have never felt such happiness eating vanilla ice cream. God bless the Pabbas ice cream person who invented the recipe. *Tears of Joy*

2 best places to eat in Mangaluru

pc: Kavya M. S

Well there are many other places to eat in Mangaluru am sure, but as I recommend, I would say these 2 places. I could happily live in Mangaluru just knowing these 2 places.

P.S: I need to go back there asap. My tongue is almost tearing up thinking about the ecstasy it felt. No exaggeration I swear! Also the pics are borrowed as I did not think about pictures while eating them as I just wanted to eat. You know what I mean. ;P

An afterthought : I was wondering if there could be anything equivalent to travelling. Then it dawned, there is just one other thing that can teach you as much as travel does! Books of course.

While you are thinking about food, why not make some yummy yummy cupcakes? Recipe here.. 😉

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