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Toilet: Not Just A Prem Katha
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Toilet: Not Just A Prem Katha

The movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha has been the talk of town from the time, the name for the movie has been announced. Of course for the myriad of jokes it gave birth to. Whatever the reason, the name intrigued many to watch it. I did too, not just for the name but for the story it promised to deliver. And, yes it got me thinking and gave me things to talk about too.

The Great & Sad Part of it

In the recent years, Akshay Kumar has given us great movies, that have something to say to the audience than just song and dance. Not just love stories either mind you, but stories that need to be told. Toilet, is one such movie that had soo much more to say. In the subtlest way ever. Toilet not just brought light to the need of sanitation among the rural India, but also on the mindset change needed. The mindset of people, society based on presumptuous knowledge of scriptures and the culture. This is the great part of it, because it’s time for change.

But the sad part of the movie toilet was, instead of the topic of the movie being the more important one, it was the name. It did intrigue people to go watch it and hear out the various messages it had. But was it taken any seriously? I doubt. There seem to be no discussions around it, except whether the movie was good or bad. But I wish there will be.

The stand out in it

There are a few dialogues and situations that made soo much sense. Here are a few that were a stand out,

  • People manipulate others based on the incomplete knowledge they have and the knowledge of which the others don’t have at all. The panchayat in the movie, who are considered a set of knowledgeable people, influence others to believe what they do, correct or not. It’s like the Kaap panchayat in certain regions of India, that recently said, raping the women in the household of a convict, is a good punishment. People fail to question them, which gives these semi educated no brainers, more power to order around anything they want.
  • Women are the biggest enemies of women. True to the dot. Women are somehow competing with eachother all the time, to be the better one for a man or to look the best among others. Times are changing and they do stick together, but they mostly are the one’s who tell the other to stand down. They remind the other to behave like a girl, speak like one and not do certain things.
  • Certain redundant believes come from the sculptures or come down as culture, need to be let go off. Married women need to be in gungats, women should take care of kitchen and men are superior is all totally nonsense for today. It’s time things changed, mindsets changed.

Husband – the founding stone of strength to fight

Toilet also brought out the relationship of a husband and a wife. How a husband is actually the one, wife expresses too and expects to stand with her. it’s not just the duty of a wife to adjust to things, but for the husband to understand she cannot and help her find a solution to it. What I really appreciate is, the protagonist never gave up, until her husband really understood the gravity of the situation. It is always easy to give up, but to fight it is what takes everything out of you.

The movie brings out this beautifully, that it is the husband who needs to really understand and stand by the wife when she is right. Though it may not be how he is used to things. At times, it is about what is right or wrong, than who you are taking sides with – your wife or the family. Then again am not saying wife is always right, but saying ‘Don’t ask her to always adjust and compromise!’

Toilet is not just a prem katha but a lot more. Go watch the movie and be sure it will give you something to take back.

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