5 Scenes in Schindler's List that shows the Inhumanity of humans |
5 Scenes in Schindler's List that shows the Inhumanity of humans
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5 Scenes in Schindler’s List that shows the Inhumanity of humans

A few days earlier, as we wondering what are we going to watch on Netflix, Schindler’s List popped up, With Steven Speilberg‘s name on it and the praise we had heard all these years, it was time to watch it. The movie broke our hearts, knowing the suffering the Jews had to suffer and that this story was not a fiction but the hard truth of the Holocaust. I sobbed as I wondered about the Inhumanity of humans. More like I did while I watched The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas.

Schindler’s List – A Movie You Need To Watch

A movie based on a book  Schindler’s Ark inspired by a Holocaust survivor Poldek Pfefferberg is written by Thomas Keneally. It’s the story of Oskar Schindler, a Nazi Party member who saves more than 1,200 Jews from across Poland and Germany. Schindler’s list is the list of names of Jews who he saves from the holocaust by employing them in his factories.  The movie depicts the times during rein of Hitler and the most inhumane ways the Jews were treated and murdered. The mad want of Hitler to make Europe free of Jews. It’s heart-wrenching to know people were gassed, burnt alive and shot for the silliest reasons be. It leaves you with a chill running through your spine as to the inhumanity of humans.

You have got to watch this movie The Schindler’s List, for the reason that we quite often forget, we are all humans in the end. Nothing else. No matter the gender, color or the race, we are all humans and that’s how we need to treat each other. I sob imagining the fear the Jews felt, knowing the death is near and when or how will they meet their end. The blank faces that live everyday in a fear of being killed move you to more tears. How can somehow kill another in such cold blood, not just one but many, no matter the age. Watch this movie to realize what matters more, your ego, selfishness or the need to be human.

The Inhumanity of Humans That Broke Me in 5 Scenes

There are many instances in the movie that literally give you goosebumps and an ache in your chest you can’t control on. But these 5 scenes for me, are the most inhumane. The Schindler’s List is that raw truth of The Holocaust each one of us ought to know.

Scene 1: The Girl in the Red Coat

An iconic scene in the movie, with a little girl in a red coat in the middle of the road trying to find a way to run. The innocence of this scene and her fear of death is so visible. It feels as though your gut is being twisted your gut soo hard, when you see the disfigured body of the girl in the coat at the end, being taken to be burnt in the huge fire. You almost want to go back and shout, ‘Not The Kids, not the kids! Pleassseeee!!Pleasssseee. ‘

5 Scenes in Schindler's List that shows the Inhumanity of humans

Scene 2: Random shooting in the camp

Watching this part in the movie had me shouting and saying Fuck a lott. The head officer in the camp, standing in his balcony looks through his gun eye at the Jews working. ‘Bam* he shoots the lady who had bent down to tie her lays right through her head. *Bam* he shoots another who is sitting down to rest.

The lives of people did not matter, lives we just based on the fancies of men like him. What kind of men are there? How can they live with doing this?

Scene 3: The so called Medical Examination

The Jews in the camp are to line up for a medical setup. The idea is to separate the sick from the healthy. The prisoners strip naked and run around while the German officers pick on who gets to be called healthy and fit to be alive. The rest are sent away, meaning gassed or killed or burnt. What sort of inhumane activity is this? Men who care not for the prisoners are asked to pick and choose who gets to survive.

The women prick to draw blood and use it to blush their cheeks and have red lips. All for a hope to survive, to be considered to be alive.

Scene 4: Women in the Burning Tower

The women Jews who are to be transported to a different city for Oskar Schindler, get transferred to another city due to mistakes in the paperwork. They end up in a killing camp for Jews. The women are almost shaved their heads, stripped naked and put into the chambers. The screams when the lights go out and then the fear in their eyes as they await to die, gave me goosebumps. They hugged eachother as if to bid adieu and hoping this would be over soon.

Mass murders of innocent, harmless people just because one man decided he didn’t want them to be alive anymore

Scene 5: The farewell of Oskar Schindler

As the Germans surrender, every member of Nazi party will be hunted down and Oskar Schindler has to escape. The cry of this hero who saved more than 1000 Jews as to how he could have saved many more will break your heart. His despair as he says, he could have saved some one, at least one more is daunting. But as his Jew accountant holds his hand and says, Schindler did a lot more than he gives himself credit for and that generations will live only because of what he did for these people.

The regret, the guilt I understand. Oskar had saved many Jews and he wished he could have saved some more. A life has soo much value and he acknowledges it in the end saying, if I could save one more person. The workers give him an engraved ring as a parting gift that says, “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

5 Scenes in Schindler's List that shows the Inhumanity of humans

Schindler’s List will surely haunt me for a while. It’s people like Oskar who bring a change because they choose humanity above everything else. It is about the ‘person’, not his gender, culture, race but that one human being who can have a life. There are 5 Schindler’s list(only 2 you can see in the movie) and is a true story. He is more an unsung hero who saved some of the Polish-German Jews to have a chance at life.

Be more humane! That’s all that matters.

P.S: Schindler is a womanizer, a businessman who is after money, but in the end he wanted to save lives. It’s who you choose to be when it matters the most. After that you no more are who you were. Right?

I fight for feminism and against sexism , now I wonder if I should also fight for the need to be more human.

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  • Shilpa Gupte

    Just finished watching the film, Akshata.. And I wept in the end along with Oskar when he sobbed that he could have saved ten if he had sold his car, or even two if he had sold his gold pin.
    Heartrending tale of the heartlessness of one man and the kindness of another. A lesson for every human being, indeed!

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