Size doesn't matter for a fashionista #BeProudBeStylish |
Size doesn't matter for a fashionista #BeProudBeStylish
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Size doesn’t matter for a fashionista #BeProudBeStylish

‘I love your dress, I wish I could wear clothes like that.’ Am sure you would have thought or said this out loud sometime in your life. We are never satisfied with how we look and what we wear, always fascinated with what others wear. With the various ads, movies and everything around you, telling you of a certain body you need to have, it’s only obvious to feel insecure this way. We always feel a certain size is the right size and only those size women should wear a certain type of clothing. Time to break free of such notions because size doesn’t matter to be a fashionista. All you need is a fashion sense!

Break the Barriers

Body images and body shaming are two major part of any growing girl’s life. We learn as we grow, how being beautiful is important and necessity. How being beautiful or pretty is always attached to what size you are. No concept of fitness is introduced but that of ‘fat and thin’. You should blame the retail market too, which ensures to make clothes based on certain sizes only. All these surroundings will start to make you feel the need to be of a certain size, to look beautiful and to wear certain clothes that would make you look great.

It’s time to shatter these notions and come to understand, you can look beautiful and great just the way you are. Stop sizing yourself against what others are wearing. Rather shop for clothes that fit you best and makes you look great. Tell yourself on a repeat mode, size doesn’t matter for a fashionista. Attitude to carry what you wear is what matters.

Fashionistas paving the way

Vidya Balan : From the movie ‘Dirty Picture’, Vidya Balan has shown to love yourself and not to be ashamed of your body. Curvy and voluptuous is beautiful too. Her array of sarees and urban chic looks are to die for.

GabiFresh: This girl is fashionista personified. Her ability to pull off looks and be comfortable in them just inspires everyone to do it too.

Chastity Garner Valentine: This fashion icon has inspired many to shed their inhibitions and love fashion in the true sense. She is the epitome of ‘Size doesn’t matter for a fashionista’.

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There are many more fashion bloggers out there who sure don’t dress worrying about their size. But carry themselves fabulously. Take inspiration ladies and let yourself be the fashion icon you really are. Be proud of who and how you are. Love it all and flaunt it all. Now say it again to yourself, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER TO A FASHIONISTA! It’s time to #BeProudBeStylish

Go ahead and Shop!

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