#RantitOut - On Sexism & Need for Equality [Twitter Chat] #IHaveAVoiceToo #LiveitEqual |
#RantitOut - On Sexism & Need for Equality [Twitter Chat] #IHaveAVoiceToo #LiveitEqual
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#RantitOut – On Sexism & Need for Equality [Twitter Chat] #IHaveAVoiceToo #LiveitEqual

As we progressed into the last week of #BlogchatterProjects this December, Rashi who championed #LiveItEqual and me #IHaveAVoiceToo wanted to collaborate to create a big bang impression. Rashi’s Blogchatter Project was to spread awareness about the need for equality among men and women, while mine was to fight against Sexism. Both projects overlapped eachother in thoughts and the need for change. #RantitOut is this collaboration to get more people to talk about it!

#RantitOut – 2 days of Speaking Out and Start of A Change

A twitter chat with an intention to get more people to talk about it. We(Rashi & me) strongly believe, the more people talk about it, there is more hope for change. The first step to solving any problem is to recognizing it as a problem. The start of #RantitOut was rocky, with us trying to get twitterati to talk about it. (Yes it was a holiday, but we forgot about it because we passionately wanted to talk about it).

But eventually there was soo many interesting thoughts that poured in, See all the discussions on Twitter



Both Men & Women Face Sexism

Often every human being faces similar issues, only the intensity of it differs. Men too are victims of sexism, the main reason they don’t speak about it is sexism too, because they feel it makes them less of a man to express. Well not really, you have to speak up for people to listen. Women do face sexism on a very different level and in much intensity,  but this sure doesn’t mean we should ignore men who face sexism right. For that matter we should fight against sexism across genders.


Generations Ahead will have a better Future

It was heartwarming to see mothers pledge to not take sexism forward and make living it equally their motto. The nurturing is the only stage you can deeply influence a person to see the negatives and harm sexism and inequality can do for a society, a family and to even a person if you see. Nobody gains anything from this except frustrations and resentment.


Takeaway from #RantitOut on Sexism and Need for Equality

Sexism and Inequality is a Social Disease that every gender is facing. We have to fight everyday sexism by being mindful about everything that we have done. Unless we change our mindset and also implement it in our everyday life, how can we expect a change to come. Change starts with you. Teach your kids that they are equal no matter the gender and please don’t teach them to be sexists. Also be mindful everyday and ask yourself, are you being a sexist or are you supporting inequality?

Thank you Rashi for doing this with me. Please check out her #BlogchatterProject #LiveItEqual

Also check mine too :p

Thank you Blogchatter for bringing us together and giving us a platform to fight for our causes. Thank you to all the blogging community for pushing this campaign and taking part in it. You guys are awesome. 🙂

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