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Lock Your Phone And Unlock Life!

A popular saying (an actual thought, a reality! You get the drift) is ‘Life goes by in a blink of an eye.’ In this age it should be modified to ‘Life goes by staring at the phone screen!’ We are soo busy living a virtual social media life that ‘Life in real‘ is being missed out on. It’s time to Lock Your Phone to Unlock Life.

What am I saying or atleast trying too?

Do you remember the time when the smartphones weren’t there? The only thing you could do was call, message and play games. Also click some blurred pictures. 😉 Or even the time when you were a kid and was not allowed to own a phone. Or the time your phone switched off.

These were the times you looked up, smiled at a stranger because you happened to make eye contact, notice the vehicles passing up or the clear blue sky. The trees that were greener or the missing trees that once made you marvel. When time moved slow, as you soaked in your surroundings and observed people.

Back again to the time you had a phone. Clicking pictures of everything for your Instagram. The ‘so called’ making memories pictures that would go on Facebook about how you had a good time, when 15mins of 30mins spent together was on getting the right picture. Not to forget the endless loop of Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime and everything else.

Don’t take me wrong, I love doing all this too. But I also enjoy not having the phone too. 🙂

Lock Your Phone to Unlock Life

Life does go by in a blink of an eye. You realize this even more when you hear of your seniors/juniors in college passing away untimely. It hits you even hard when people you know, the guys who had it all and are happy have a major life crisis and turn bitter. It makes you stop, when a loved one falls ill.

This is when you wonder, why didn’t you live a little more? Follow your dreams and spent that afternoon with the loved one. Why didn’t you tell your family you loved them or why you held on to some old issue/fight? The questions surround you and the realization moves you.

But then again, a friend’s sends a video link and the loop starts again!

Stop. Rewind. Lock your phone and get answers to all those questions that came to you. Just for an hour everyday, Lock your phone to unlock life.

P.S: Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this. Did it make you feel anything? Did you think to Lock Your Phone to Unlock Life? I would love to know. Do write in.

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