Dear Amma... #HappyBirthday |
Dear Amma... #HappyBirthday
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Dear Amma… #HappyBirthday

Amma sure is lucky for me. 🙂

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This letter is an expression of years. Things I haven’t and would not tell Amma, face to face, but everything I do want too. Today, as she celebrates her 57th birthday, this is my ode to her!

“Amma” – Not just a word but a connotation. A yearn when you don’t feel good, a plea when you feel pain, a need when you don’t find something and a feeling that encompasses the whole universe.

Dear Amma,

A very happy happy birthday. I know, I don’t say it as much, but I love you with all to my being. 🙂 I love you to the moon and back. For everything you are, everything you did and continue to do for us, Thank you.

The memories of my childhood are blurry to me, as I seem to not have the awesome memory the brother, Abhi has. But the vision of you running around the house, attending to everyone and getting things done, is glued to my head. Your energy that refused to dwindle and how you are always there for everyone,awed me.

To be very frank, I understand and respect you even more now, after being married. A home is not easy to manage and a never ending work. Being a mother is not easy. You did it with such ease, that I always wondered how you knew it all and were present everywhere. How did you have soo much love to give, not just with all of us but the entire family. You were there for everyone who needed you and you are nice to everyone. This part I still never get, how do you be nice to everyone, even people who are mean and have only hurt you or used you. May it be friends or relatives. I guess it’s a trait, all your siblings got from Ajji – to love unconditionally and do everything, even at times at the cost of yourself. *Sigh*

Who you are helped me be who I am

You have loved everyone, with always room to love some more. Being there for people and doing things for them has been a priority for you. I have imbibed these qualities too, unknowingly. One of the many things I love about myself and proud of, showering love on people I really like and doing things for them. Am glad I got this from you. 🙂

You have always shown, that no matter what it is in our hands to be happy. Being adaptive to people and situations is what makes things easier. I have grown to be that way too. I adapt to places and people soon. Yes I am not the same as you, but there sure are somethings that I have picked up from you. The too much talking, straightforwardness and being rude at times, I have developed, more as an improvement. hehe 😉 I know you don’t like that about me. 🙂

You are nice to everyone, no matter the age, status (rich or poor), never differentiating between people. I love that about you and proud, Abhi & me have both learnt to be humble. Appaji & you are really nice people and you guys have invariably brought us up to be nice people. Though Abhi is way more nicer. 😉

Marriage is love and many more things

Appaji & you have been a wonderful wonderful couple. Always been there for eachother, understood eachother’s feelings without words and had a sync within you guys, making you a team all the time. Facing various situations, going through hardships in life with a brave face, without letting us know there was a problem at all.

You guys continue to be an example to us about love and marriage, as we live through our own marriages. Amma, I saw your silent support then to Appaji and I see your silent support to both of us now. We probably would not trust in love and find love to marry, if not for seeing you guys be the happy couple. You are a strength in us, that is unspoken but always there.

I believe Abhi and me value marriage and our partners much more, learning and watching you guys do it. Thank you for this belief! 🙂 You also made sure we understand, how to bring kids up, with independence, freedom of thought and lots of love. 🙂

Dear Amma... #HappyBirthday

Amma – A Powerhouse of everything

When Appaji was ill, I saw your pain, but I marvel at how you guys did not let it affect our studies. I was in constant denial and didn’t help much around then, for which I feel guilty everyday. But you took charge, of everything and managed it all. Love was again unconditional from you to us and Appaji. It still is. I remember the day, he passed away and the look of loss in your eyes. You lost not just your husband, but your best friend. But you again pulled us all up. I don’t know where you found the strength, but you did.

You took charge again of everything, but ensured to make us always feel Appaji would be around. I believe you, he still is in all of us. 🙂 You did everything that you never had a clue before, but never complaining. I heard your sobs in the night and how you called out to him, everytime you fell ill or felt really bad. You are a strong woman, who has stood through many things and people after that.

Amma, I admire you for the person you are. Strong, level-headed, warm, humble and a beautiful soul, who always has oodles of love to give to everyone. I look upto you and hope I turn out to be a decent person, if not like you. 🙂

I love You

Am bad at expressing but tell me to write and I can do that a plenty. This is my dedication to you. Thank you for giving me this life and the independence you didn’t take away, letting us think, speak and even shout, but to always have opinions. We argue, disagree, I hurt you, but know that I love you very very much. You have bought us up right. Now stop worrying. 🙂

Today I wish for you much more happiness and also a wish that you will live your life much more. Do things that you love and get all the love. I have lived with you for about 27 years, but it’s only now, do I come to realize your immense love. I remember you everyday and even cook certain things because it reminds me of you. 🙂

You mean the world to me and am always here for you.

Happy Birthday dumsiya! <3

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  • Usha Hegde

    Akshi, it’s so true that we all realise the love and sacrifices our parents make only when we get married and leave home. Hamsaveni, as you teasingly call her, is not just your adorable mom, but my fav aunty too. Her cool composed attitude, facing life with a smile always and easy to get along with any age group makes her many a people’s Favourite. And yes how can I forget her coffee, I proudly tell all my friends that she makes the best filter coffee ever, why even my own mom gets jealous when I go with a cup for her coffee the moment I land there at Bangalore. Aunty, you are an epitome of kindness and goodness. Wishing you a very very happy birthday

  • Nanda dayananda

    Wow again, Akshi you have grown up so very fast. Stay blessed and happy always girl. Hamsa…no words to express… somehow she’s always there for everybody… I would only wish if she would look after herself a little bit more. Long live your tribe Hamsa…🙏🙏

  • Abhishek B

    Beautiful Akshi, ” We are reaping the benefits of the seeds of love that mom has sowed in all the people around us, we would be no where if not for this lady”. She could be and do anything, her physical and mental strength has no boundaries. She chose to be a MOTHER!!! a mother for us, our dad and our cousins and so many people. As you said, if I am half as good as her in anything I do, I will do well in life…..Well written “Tu dil se likna, duniya terekoh dil se chahegi” Proud of you!!!!

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