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Bullying made me DISCIPLINED! - OpinionatedMua

Bullying made me DISCIPLINED!

‘BULLYING MADE ME DISCIPLINED!’. An absolutely absurd statement to make isn’t it? Well, let me give you an alternative thought process, just to make you ponder over it. Let us first explore the dictionary meaning of Bulling and Discipline.


Bullying: Use Superior strength or Influence to intimidate (Someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

Discipline: The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct       disobedience.

As you wonder on the above definitions, the difference that I can decode is ‘Rules. Rules seem to be the only thin line, separating Bullying and Discipline.

From childhood, we have been bullied by our parents! Sorry I meant disciplined by our parents. How many times were you punished or scolded at, because you did something that was apparently ‘wrong’? Or told to respect and shut it for speaking your mind? Or made fun of by your cousins for wearing something you liked and they thought was inappropriate? But, hey you were just being disciplined okay! Were you really?

Bullying made me DISCIPLINED! - OpinionatedMua
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Bullying is wrong, Discipline is correct! How do you differentiate it when all you doing is bullying someone in the name of making them disciplined? How is it okay? Kids are constantly subjected to bullying. Just because they are wired differently and they see and think differently, we constantly try to correct them. Quite an irony, when we say ‘Wish we could be kids again!’ but ensure to change the way our kids are.

Why? Is it because rules say that you are expected to behave and think in a particular way only then you will be considered normal? If you think, you are helping a person by correcting him to your ‘so called’ normal ways. Then, I am sorry to bring the bubble. You so are not. You are bullying them to follow your ways.

Rules? What Rules? Rules are made by people who want you to act and behave in a certain way. A firm believer in discipline, I have been subjected to bullying by parents, teachers and friends. But, I do not hate them, rather thank them. Because of their constant annoyance and taunting, I am a stronger and better person. How? Well, I am creative, think of consequences of my actions and learnt to respect.

I stand a better person in front of them. Yes I felt depressed, worthless and grew to fear things but when I look back now, it sure was worth it. Because of all that, I appreciate others and life, have guts to stand up for people and what is correct.

I am not saying bullying is good, but inevitably everyone has gone through it in their life. It has affected our life for better or worse. But what am getting at here is, that we need to accept, we make others do in the name of helping them or teaching them or making them ‘Disciplined is a form of Bullying.’

Doesn’t that make us all a BULLY too?

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