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APJ Abdul Kalam – Sir, you’ll continue to stay in us…

There are only a few leaders in the world, who have this innate charm to make you sit straight and listen. They also inspire you without you knowing the effect, they have on you. APJ Abdul Kalam is one such leader. I still remember when he was the President of India and how proud I was of the fact and spoke about him on every chance I got. Only a few in the political field have the ability to become leaders through intellect and personality, APJ is one among these.

APJ’s iconic hairstyle and smile will never fade away from our memory. His infectious enthusiasm and keenness to connect with the youth will never be forgotten. He’ll remain in our hearts and keep inspiring us to be better to build a better India and create a wonderful world. Sir, you showed us how hard work and innovation can change the world. You thought us an important lesson, that it’s the small lessons in life that matter and make who you are. A true visionary.

You will always be in our thoughts, our talks and an inspiration to millions. Thank you for playing a prominent role in the development of India. My only regret is to not have met you or heard you speak in real. We’ll miss you.

RIP our beloved APJ.

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