All about the campaign # BeProudBeStylish |
All about the campaign # BeProudBeStylish
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All about the campaign # BeProudBeStylish

The previous post I wrote about how size doesn’t matter for a fashionista has been stuck in my head from the day of it’s conception. I simply, am not able to get over it. So here I am, taking it a little further in a hope to inspire many more. To love themselves just the way they are. More so bringing out the message that fashion is for everyone, not just for people in a certain size. Here you’ll find everything about this campaign # BeProudBeStylish

Why the campaign?

The obsession to look a certain way and be a certain way is rising everyday especially with the teens. The high standards set by social media and a dozen filters has resulted in soo many of them obsessing about how they look everyday. Mind you, this ‘how I look’ is more for the social media than for themselves. With this there is also the bullies who are finding new ways to comment on people. The extra thin models, the instagramers with the perfect body is like a peer pressure that seems to have no solution.

I started to wonder from when did fashion become size specific, when it all is about the taste in clothes and how you carry it. Why the invariable obsession on what to wear just to ensure someone else thinks you are stylish. Also like I said, just writing a post about it didn’t satiate me as to have done something. I wanted this message of size not being the matter to be a fashionista. That’s the thought behind this campaign.

Why should you be part of it?

If you are plump and have curvaceous body or really thin, you sure would have at some point gone through body shaming. You love certain clothes and have a certain style but always crave for some clothes that seem to be in fashion or looks good on someone else. Be part of this campaign, share your stories and spread the message about body shaming. Spread the message that no matter what size, you can look fashionable. Love yourself and help someone else accept and love their body too.

What should you do?

Follow the below steps,

  • Upload a photo of yourself – any photo that flaunts of who you are.
  • Share your story – Have you ever been body shamed, tell us about the incident and how you felt. Face it and let it go.
  • Tag friends or family who have gone through the same. Urge them to be a part of the campaign too.
  • Use the hashtag # BeProudBeStylish
  • Tag @opinionatedmua too if you wish. I shall be there to listen and spread your message

It’s time we accepted who we are and loved yourself than waiting for someone else to approve of you! # BeProudBeStylish

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