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A death to remember Life

Death. It’s lurking around us, creeping into our lives through a person you have known or a shock when you lose a person you love. It makes you question, “Is this what life is all about? An ever ending chase of living it before death catches you?” It makes me ask another pertinent question. “Have I loved enough? Have I shown love to everyone? Have I given all the love I could and would have?” We chase these common dreams of the masses, ‘the house’, ‘the car’, ‘the children you ought to have’ and ‘the life that is social media acceptable’.

How often do we

Count ‘the smiles’, ‘the memories’, and ‘the hugs’?

A colleague passed away yesterday. It was a shocker and an exhaustive feeling. People that young are not supposed to pass away. In the recent past, it’s always these younger guys, a senior, family friends, and junior. Was it even an age for someone to lose their life? More so, if this is how it will be, then why are we even chasing something instead of living?

My life revolves around working for the environment and an unending desire to reunite and live with the love of my life. But the struggles always come with an ‘if’ and a lot of ‘buts’. Incidents like these make me wonder, is this struggle even worth it. In the urge to earn money to save for a future, for a home, am I losing out on life in itself?

When did I let the happiness be taken away from my very hands? When did I start chasing everything that never once has made sense to me. When did I become this serious person who even forgets to live a little everyday? Working for the environment is stressful because you meet people who pretend to be eco-friendly and are just riding the wave of being in the business trend. You convince some but many just say a lot of things to you and move away.

A death reminds me to introspect. It more so makes me sad and not in control. Am not afraid of death, am just afraid of dying not accomplishing or making a difference in the world. I strongly believe I have a purpose here, but even to this date, I cannot stop wondering ‘What this purpose really is?’

What I really wanted to say is, laugh a little more, love a lot more and say it out too. Life may last forever or maybe over tomorrow

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