7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie |
7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie
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7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie

The Incredible Jessica James, a Netflix Original production that kicks some serious ass. It is a story of a struggling playwriter, who is going through a breakup, waiting to make it big and who makes a connection with a guy she meets on a blind date. Jessica James – a badass feminist who is unapologetic and says what she wants will leave you in awe and incredibly happy.

What’s soo new about it?

Jessica James, that’s what’s new. A protagonist who loves herself and has the nerve to shut people off like a boss. More so, this story is not about a freaking love story but about this person, who’s working on her life and at the same time empowering other women to get somewhere. It maybe confusing now if you haven’t watched it, but you’ ll get it as you read along. The Incredible Jessica James has women supporting, celebrating each other. Also women inspiring younger girls. It shows everything that we as girls, women can be for each other, more than anybody else.

The highlight is Jessica James, the strong character that inspires you to be ‘YOU’, unapologetic, proud and love the fierceness that each one of us have within us. Read below for the 7 badass moments in the Incredible Jessica James.

Situation 1 :

On a tinder date with some guy, who is clearly intrigued by Jessica James. At the start, she gives him this, ” I think it’s really dangerous to seek personal fulfillment in romantic relationships.” Followed by ” You shouldn’t want other people to validate or define you. Nobody shouldn’t“.

Why is it a badass moment? Jessica James is the boss here, knowing what she wants and not wanting any bullshit. Not wanting to impress him and rather wanting to be impressed, she gets to the point. It’s hilarious some of the things she says and you’ll end up saying ‘Go Girl’.

7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie

Situation 2:

On a blind date with a guy and Jessica James is speaking her mind.

Why is it a badass moment? Well hellooo, how many of you really speak your mind on the first meeting, that too on a freaking first date. So she says, she wasn’t really interested but was there as her friend set her up. She was not only telling the guy the truth but also ensuring she didn’t ditch her friend who made some effort to get her a date. But there is one dialogue I really love, where she says being truthful is the only way to be. Girl Boss 101!

Situation 3:

Jessica is at her theatre lessons for the kids, taking them through various situations, to help them visualize. One of her students puts her in the situation, asking her how would she react if she got stood up at her own wedding.

Why is it a badass moment? Her reaction to it is what makes it bloody badass. She laughs and reacts as to how happy she is, because marriage is more like a social obligation which she doesn’t care about.

7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie

Situation 4:

The blind date guy calls her to talk and Ms. Incredible Jessica James confronts him saying it’s a booty call and he can’t deny it.

Why is it a badass moment? Again she is straightforward as hell, telling him not to bullshit around and mind you she is amused. Of course, she has to say the best thing. Here is what she says.

7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie

 Situation 5:

Jessica is at her sister’s baby shower and she has handmade a feminist storybook for her niece to teach her about everyday sexism and to fight patriarchy.

Why is it a badass moment? An aunt who wants to introduce feminism and also teach patriarchy to the little one from a young age is super badass. The frustrating moment when she tries to explain why the book to the other guests is like a true life situation. Most of the women seem to be blind to the need for feminism and the patriarchal system taking it more as a way of life. Jessica tries to explain and then gives up, when her family itself sort of feel she is over-reacting. The story of most of the feminist’s life, where people around them think, it is nothing but a passing obsession or an over-reaction to nothing at all. The book is named ABC’s of Subverting the Patriarchal Paradigm. 🙂

7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie

 Situation 6:

At the writers workshop weekend, Jessica meets her idol Sarah Jones. With excitement and an eagerness to know, she asks the author, when was the time she felt she had made it. Sarah gives her a heartwarming explanation, as simple as is.

Why is it a badass moment? An interaction where a woman expresses her deep appreciation for the other, of the inspiration she has been. While the other is as humble, being gracious about it and helping her figure out. Jessica asks Sarah, whether she will ever make it. Sarah simply asks what theater, play writing means to her. If Jessica loves what she is doing and is actually really doing it, then she already there.’That’s kinda it!’ A simple phrase that says it all, that she’s made it. Women upholding eachother, isn’t it something.

7 Badass Moments in the Incredible Jessica James Movie

Situation 7:

Jessica, her friend and her student are on the plane to London. Tickets bought by the blind date, who is much more than that now. The young girl says, thanks to your boy friend who bought her ticket too. For which Jessica’s thoughts are resonated by her friend, when she says ‘ No one can become your boyfriend just coz they buy you tickets from their frequent flyer miles.’

Why is it a badass moment? Jessica and her friend just thought a young girl, nobody can have her or own her just because they bought her things. Having said that, they did not behave as if you should take advantage of such people either. They appreciated and thanked him doing so, but drew a line saying he can’t have a certain position just because he spent his money on you.

Enough reasons to go watch it? Here is the last push. Watch the trailer below or the movie on netflix. We need more movies and characters as The Incredible Jessica james. Would you agree?

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