5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping |
5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping
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5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping

I am total and complete ‘accessories’ person, especially earrings, neck pieces and headgear. I love love love them. Period! Indian artificial jewelry comes at the top of my list. The big jhumkas and jhumars or the kundan neck pieces, I adore them. An ethnic dress is never complete without either one of it. I prefer either big earrings or big neck pieces, never both together. They give you that edge, even clothes may not be able too.

Soo, I thought why not share some of the pieces I personally brought on Amazon and loved. The quality of these products were great, including packaging and I vouch for them. With Amazon running their sale and Diwali just a few days away, I thought this would be the best time, so you guys can buy them. Without further ado, here they are,

Kundan Set – Look Like A Queen

I bought this for my wedding and wore it for the reception, it actually ended up making me look like royalty. The awesome part of it was, I spend less than 15% of my lehenga itself. Couldn’t have been happier right? 🙂
5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping

Buy it here


Kundan Bali – Can’t Get Enough Of Kundan

This also I bought it for one of the pre functions of the wedding but couldn’t wear them. But I love them. They are huge, just the way I like it. But note, this is comparatively heavy and bulky. Buy it only if you like such earrings.

5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping

Buy it here

Golden Jhumkas – Simple and Classy

This is my favourite, it goes well with salwars and sarees alike, even with Kurtas. It always blends with your looks, either looking grand or simple. You have got to have a pair of these.
5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping

Buy it here

Pearls & Stones Set – It transforms your look

I brought these for sangeet and it made me look absolutely awesome. I loved it soo much, that I recently brought another pair for a cousin who is to be married in November this year. Psst my friend has a set too. 😉 Need I say anything more?

5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping

Buy it here

Green Rhinestone Maang Tikka – Royalty is the word for it

This is one piece I love but haven’t got a chance to use it yet. You can use just this piece of jewelry and you are set. It will give you a royal look for sure. Oh someone get married soon, so I can get to wear this. <3
5 Artificial Jewelry From Amazon I Recommend #DiwaliShopping

Buy it here

Artificial Jewelry: You Gota Have It

I am not a big fan of gold, but I love the artistry in the jewelry, so artificial jewelry had to be my ultimate. I feel they are a better investments as compared to gold, here’s why,

  • Spend is less and lasts for a good time. As compared to precious metals, the cost of these artificial jewelry is low, so you can buy as many without a worry.
  • The variety is plenty: You get soo many designs and stones that sometimes look even better than the original costly jewelry.
  • No worry if lost: Fallen down or lost, doesn’t make you feel bad. Okay it does, especially when you love them
  • Share it easily: You can borrow anyone’s or give it to anyone without worrying of the cost of it. But yes it still doesn’t stop to anger if they loose it. :p

I also feel it is the best gift to give to all the wonderful ladies you love and adore, they ll love it and use it. I have gifted artificial jewelry to friends and family alike and felt happy every time they wore it.

Okay enough talks, now go buy them right away. Diwali time glam it up with these awesome jewelry. Go shop shop shop!

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Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links. These links earn me a small commission if you buy through the links. Being honest so as to share the information and not keep anything undisclosed. 🙂


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