100th Post - #IHaveAVoiceToo for #BlogchatterProjects |
100th Post - #IHaveAVoiceToo for #BlogchatterProjects
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100th Post – #IHaveAVoiceToo for #BlogchatterProjects

A 100 posts! I can’t believe that. I have blabbered on soo much, πŸ˜‰ growing with each post I wrote. Writing has been liberating for me and a medium to connect with many amazing bloggers in the community. What makes this 100th post, even more special is its the start of #BlogchatterProjects – #IHaveAVoiceToo. Nostalgic and excited. <3

#IHaveAVoiceToo –Β #BlogchatterProjects

Blogchatter campaigns are always fun, informative and a fabulous medium to discover bloggers. They have played a major role in helping me steer opinionatedmua.com in a good direction. #MyFriendAlexa was a campaign that thought me a lot. But Blogchatter projects was a whole new ball game, altogether. I had to be a part of it, as a push to work my ass off to achieve a vision, a goal and bring a change.

From the start, I have been an ambassador to fighting against sexism and advocating the concept of feminism. It astonishes me, how feminism is considered bad and how sexism is not even noticed in many cases. As I spoke and wrote about it, I felt the lesser people wanted to discuss about it. So when #BlogchatterProjects came along, this had to be my project. I had to get more people to talk about it, discuss about it and to know they can bring in a change. Thus was born #IHaveAVoiceToo .

100th Post - #IHaveAVoiceToo for #BlogchatterProjects

December Dedicated to Fight against Everyday Sexism

Blogchatter Projects would be my platform to get more people to talk about everyday sexism with #IHaveAVoiceToo campaign. Why the name? Well, it started out to be more a representation voice for the women, but as I thought about it, this voice evolved. This voice was not just of women, but also of aΒ conscience – an inner voice telling you to do the right thing. This conscience, that sometimes takes a backseat, because doing things as is, is much easier than doing it the right way.Β 

#IHaveAVoiceToo is a voice of men and women alike, of their conscience that needs to be heard and to be considered.

We live in the 21st century, we talk about equality, respect for the opposite sex and how broadminded we all are. Yet, we live with sexism everyday and never even think twice, if it is wrong. ‘That’s how things have been all the way and lets just keep it going’, is the general thought. Change will only mean more work right? Who wants to do more work huh? It’s this very thought that needs to change. It will be the small things that matter and changing them can change the entire perspective.

Join in. Bring A change with #IHaveAVoiceToo

Loads and loads of discussions ahead is whats in store. It’s not to force you to change, but to bring a whole new perspective for you to think about. #IHaveAVoiceToo is my hope that people will talk more about sexism, make smaller changes to avoid it and in turn teach the generations ahead that, everyone is equal and nothing is or should be gender based.

Men or women, parents, children, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends and friends, all of us need to be part of this. All we need to do, is bring in small little changes and talk about it more. Small droplets when come together can become huge rivers that can break the dams of perceptions, backward ideas and carve out a path that will bring in new life for the times ahead.

Join me and lets bring in a change. Enough of waiting, enough of the silence. It’s time to talk, time to change and time for a new world to come in.

Here is to another 100 posts and a hope that it will change a life for better. Overwhelmed <3


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