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What the hell is Wordarry?
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Wordarry – Every Picture Says Something

As the most popular saying goes, ‘Words are the most powerful weapon!’. They can be the reason to kill someone but also to save. They have the power to change one’s life but also to destroy many. It’s always been a marvel to me, how the writers, authors use words to weave stories, characters and an entire different world. A world that you quite gladly would like in, than the real one. It’s fascinating how you can weave words drawing inspiration from anything or anyone around you. Even from within yourself, a seed of inspiration could grow into a tree of wisdom. Wordarry is this inspiration that weaves the magic of words.

What why how Wordarry?

What? Travel has been a childhood dream and books, a childhood companion. Naturally words formed a major part of life. The shiny glistening grass at the daybreak, birds chirping flying fast to only reach nowhere or the line of vehicles that stand by waiting. All these forming an inspiration. Wordarry is an amalgamation of this, for the vision to collide with the mind to form a world of words. Stories, poems or just thoughts, each one inspired from a picture or painting or any other art form.

Why? For the love of art and great pictures. Every image says something, which needs to be heard or read for the love of content. Also for that warm, fuzzy feeling you would feel inside as this recipe of the visual comes together with words.

How? Instagram has opened up a world of artists who bring such beautiful images to life, it makes you wonder is being in awe with them is enough. There are words that come to my mind when I see them and I wish to share them along with these images. Also open to others to share their words as captions, stories or thoughts for the images which will be shared on Wordarry IG account if accepted.

Lets begin a journey and an experience of words with a vision or a vision with words. Follow here,

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