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Was it Worth it? #FridayFotoFiction

Taking inspiration #FridayFotoFiction to write a short fiction for Wordarry. Every picture has something to say, a story, a thought or just a means to ramble.

Was it Worth it? #FridayFotoFiction

It started in 2012 and yet it felt like yesterday. A journey that was everything but easy, like being at war everyday. Winning battles to only start another. Missed family gatherings, friends slowing moving away and even a lost marriage as the partner refused to understand.

‘Was it worth it?’, was the question that lingered.

The company was worth 2 billion today and being acquired.

Anisha stood transfixed looking at her 5 years of hardwork on her work wall. Tears rolled down her cheeks, remembering the people who told her to stop trying to be a man, be the lady she is ought to be and not have a dream of a company that will never work. Anisha had proved them all wrong. She had the right to this dream and had no regrets.  With a brilliant smile, she turned around to start her interview for Time Magazine’s, ‘Billionaires under 30’.

She had arrived!

Wordcount {150}

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