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Trailblazing IndoIndian - Poonam Sagar
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Trailblazing IndoIndian – Poonam Sagar

We often believe it’s the luck and destiny that makes sure who we will be and what we do. Poonam Sagar is one inspiring woman, who doesn’t believe so. Her life is what she makes of it. ‘Living life passionately and doing what you like, makes all the difference’ is her strong belief. Inspiring isn’t she? Exactly why she had to, had to be on the Inspirasi – Interview series for Opinionatedmua. Poonam has interviewed many, now it was her turn. 🙂


Poonam is like a mentor to me in Indonesia. From the time I have met her, she has opened up doors for me, giving me opportunities to learn and grow everyday. This I believe is her superpower, an ability to recognize people and match them to opportunities. She has, not just for me but for many, created a platform to bring forth their passions and talents. It’s inspiring to see the warmth she has for people and how she encourages them to do better. She is the the co founder of IndoIndians – A community that forms a bridge between people and cultures of the two countries that are alike in many ways, India and Indonesia. Poonam Sagar is also the cofounder and Project Manager at PT Infotech Solutions.

I have been wanting to interview her for a while now, but only recently have I managed to buckle up and ask her for it. Poonam Sagar is this jumpy, always bubbling with energy and mysterious in many ways (I Must Say 😉 ) person who will always leave you with something to ponder on, everytime you meet. Be it for the my blogging workshop or the IndoIndians Bookclub, it was her who made it happen. That’s what makes her stand out, the one who doesn’t believe in talking about it a lot but making it happen.

An Interview Like No Other With Poonam Sagar

I had initiated this interview in the same format that I usually do, but Poonam being Poonam, the interview had got to be different. 🙂 She always pushes me to do something different, something new, more like a challenge I ought to get better at it. I believe this is a quality that not everyone has, where you push a fellow being to be better and to do better. Also why I call her myterious is, there is soo many facets to her that you will not know all at once. For example, she is an alumni of IIM and also a certified diver. Did you know that? No right? But it sure amazes you how does she do it all.

So here it goes, a skype interview that has me trying to figure it out. 🙂

Poonam Sagar – an avid read, a diver, woman in tech, a mentor, a mother, a wife, a friend, an entrepreneur and much much more. Hope you guys enjoy watching the interview, as much as I did doing it. (I was a nervous ball. 😉 )

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