The Raging Fire of the Zumba Scene In India – Naveen Krishnaswamy |
The Raging Fire of the Zumba Scene In India – Naveen Krishnaswamy
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The Raging Fire of the Zumba Scene In India – Naveen Krishnaswamy

Everyone around you is inspiring, but there are only a few with a fire. Fire to do things, great things. This fire in them, is contagious, it doesn’t make you feel warm but burns you with a passion to achieve something. An inspiration that is beyond words said, but a wave of current that hits you when you are around them. Naveen Krishnaswamy is that fire.

As I looked on to search for an inspiring story to be told next, there came this Video. Naveen was in it and killing it with his amazing belly dancing. Yes literally, I could almost sense the women ogling out there. He was confident, happy and most of all, had fun doing it. No prejudice attached! He was the story I had to tell next. 🙂

Here is the video in case you are wondering which one. 😉

A Passionate Dancer Who is an Engineer Too

Now don’t roll your eyes, saying it’s the same old same old story. Our generation may have produced the highest number of engineers, but we are also the generation that broke free. Free from the obligations to work based on education. We work only what we are passionate about.

Naveen Krishnaswamy was always into dancing. He is a classically trained dancer from a young age. But never thought of it to be a profession. But perspectives changed while he was pursuing his engineering.

Naveen says, “I was into stage shows while pursuing my engineering. I saw myself growing in this industry so thought, why not take this as my profession.” Knowing how important a family support is, I wondered how his family and friends reacted to it. “My friends and family knew how passionate I was about what I did.”, said Naveen who had all the support from his loved ones.

Hurdles Maketh the Man

It’s heartwarming as you hear Naveen say, “Choosing to dance as a profession was the easiest decision ever.” Many of us are scared to even acknowledge what we like or enjoy doing, for the various obligations in life. Naveen sure knew the path he wanted to take.“I knew it’s definitely going to be a hurdle in this field as there was a lot of competition, but only this, will give me more happiness than any other job. So here I am doing what I like and enjoying every bit of it.”, adds Naveen, who worked hard to reach where he is right now.

True isn’t it. Knowing what makes you happy, could be half a decision made and the biggest motivation factor to pursue what you want to do. Reminds me of Sandhya’s interview, baking was her happiness that she choose.

A Star is Born – Zumba Scene in Bangalore/India

Naveen Krishnaswamy is a star. Period! When I asked him about how did this happen, extremely humbled he answered “To be called a ‘Star’ is too fancy but it’s a huge compliment and I am happy u think so. I only believed that I have to give my heart and soul to every class I took, no matter which fitness studio or the city. I made sure that my students walked out with a smile. Maybe that is what has gotten me so far, which is also the cause of all the love and support that each member gave me through my Zumba journey.”

You can see the down to earth quality of Naveen and know why every student connects to him this well. He adds, almost like seconding my thought,”I can strongly tell you that changing peoples lives and touching their heart is not easy as it looks, but Zumba made it happen for me.Though I don’t teach them now, the members reach out to me, wanting to be a part of my events and how they miss dancing with me. It is so wonderful and is definitely blessed to have this job and soo many good wishers in my life.”

The Secret to Success – Being Humble

Naveen Krishnaswamy, who is a Zin Instructor has some serious fan following. You already know why. Because he values his students or members as much as they value him. He sure has a cult-like following on the social media. Mostly women of course. 😉

“Starve the Ego, and you will feed your soul. I’ve always been so thankful for the start. No matter where I go, I’m always so grateful for the love and support I receive. This always works as a motivating factor in my life, to push me to strive for more. The female attention is something I feel very shy about till date.” Says Naveen. Do we see a hint of a blush there? 😉

The Raging Fire of the Zumba Scene In India – Naveen Krishnaswamy

YouTube & Other Plans

Naveen Krishnaswamy is on YouTube since 2012, but became a YouTuber only a year or two back. He has garnered about 2.5 million views since then. His choreography video for Cheap thrills by Sia Ft Sean Paul has hit 2 million views.

Talking about whether he wants to be a serious YouTuber, Naveen says “Social media has a huge role to play in pretty much everyone’s life today. My own parents have Facebook accounts and access to YouTube and other such sites. I enjoy being active on social media as it’s the only way I can connect with people who aren’t with me in the physical. I’ve received adulation, constructive criticism but most importantly love. I am thankful for the views and likes so far , and as mentioned before , it has only motivated me to make more videos , and touch more lives.”

Social media, has sure become a part of each one of our lives. An important one, that lets us stay connected to friends and family we can’t meet everyday. Also for a person like Naveen, social media is a great platform to showcase talent across the world. So it’s only obvious he is on it. 🙂

Talking about the future, Naveen has big dreams. “Now that am completely into fitness, I definitely want to become a brand ambassador of Fitness. An inspirer to all those people who are still clueless like how i was, on how to get fit, strong & healthy. Help get them out of their comfort zone to have a fitter life.There are lot of amazing things coming my way now and it is going to change my life and I’m super excited about it, which i will be sharing with you all very soon.

Naveen Krishnaswamy’s Idol & Mantra of Life

I believe every person has an Idol in life. Naveen Krishnaswamy has one too. 🙂 “In my opinion, a hero or an Idol is someone you can look up to, and depend on throughout your life and follow their footsteps. I would have to say my sister has been my hero throughout my life. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be who I am today. She is my Strength, my Backbone and someone who has supported me in all the decisions I have made. My sister has always told me that whatever you are doing, put your heart and soul in it and you will see yourself shine.”

She was right. Look where Naveen is today. 🙂

Mantra of Life:Its just one life to live so why not make it the best so that we don’t regret . Be Humble, Be human , Be grounded and be yourself. Everyone will love and respect you for that. Much gratitude and dance your way to fitness!

Final Thoughts

It’s always hard to conclude an interview because there never will be an end to the questions you want to ask. I wanted him to mtivate people who want to follow their dreams but are stuck for some reason. Naveen Krishnaswamy gladly obliges, “My only advice is to follow your heart, but make sure to take your brains along. A lot of people are passionate, but lack direction. It’s important to be realistic, to have goals that can be attained. And always remember, we all start from scratch. It isn’t going to be easy, but I can assure you it will be worth it!”

Noone could have ever put that as well as Naveen did. I think am gonna quote him hereafter. 😉

This question is sort of a cliche, but being one of the people who is chasing fitness, I had to ask, his advice to fitness enthusiasts like me. ” Fitness to me isn’t about getting the perfect body. It’s about feeling healthy and living healthy. A lot of people assume fitness is all about how many hours you work out, but on the contrary, it is what you do when you aren’t working out. What you eat, is what reflects on your body. I don’t believe in diets, I believe in moderation. I don’t Believe in killing yourself at the gym, but loving what you do while you are at it. A healthy balance will make you a happier person. You feel good from the inside, and it will reflect on the outside.”, advises Naveen Krishnaswamy.

OMua’s epilogue 😉

Thanks a ton Naveen for taking out time to do this interview. It means soo much more to me and everyone else reading. 🙂 What you do is inspiring, because it’s not just about helping people get fit but also, to give them that smile at the end of it all. Keep doing awesome work and also be the fabulous person you are. The world awaits you!

It’s people like Naveen who make ‘following your dreams’ and working passionately a great thing to do. The only hurdle between you and your dream is YOU! Grab it with both your hands and work like there’s no tomorrow. !

Connect with Naveen on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube Channel and also while you are at it follow him on Instagram too. 😉

Note:  All picture credits and copyrights owned by Naveen Krishnaswamy.

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