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Not You #FridayFotoFiction #Wordarry

Even more excited to write for #FridayFotoFiction from the time the husband has got on board. With more show off, am sure the criticism may take a back seat. But boy am glad and thankful to the ladies behind #FridayFotoFiction, for bringing back the storyteller to life. 🙂 Not You , a wordarry inspired by this weeks photo prompt.

#FridayFotoFiction #Wordarry

Not You

As he read his morning newspaper, he noticed women passing by ogling at him. He smiled but didn’t acknowledge. ‘Attention is good isn’t it?’ he beamed, wondering if he should smile back at them.

Another victim of Harvey Weinstein speaks up – read the headline. This time it was his secretary. ‘What’s with men in top level management and their obsession with women? More so what’s with women, who refuse to fight them and choose to stay silent? Was success more important than self-esteem?’, the questions seem to haunt him.

*Beep* his blackberry got him back to reality. “Come home soon daddy!” read the message from the little one. She was using his husband’s phone again. He smiled as he replied and thought determined, “You shall be a fighter dear one, never a victim! I Promise.”

Am a Daddy first.

No Not You. #NeverMeToo

Wordcount (144)

Linking the story Fire! to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri


Do comment in and let me know what you thought of it. Also read all the other #FridayFotoFiction.

Note: It’s heartbreaking to read the umpteen #MeToo stories and the unfolding of the Hollywood scandal of women being raped and molested. Makes you wonder if morality is the thing of the past, more so, why do we as women choose to rather be quite. Isn’t silence encouraging such predators to find more victims? Stop them, kick their ass, speak up, so their isn’t another one who goes through what you did!


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