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Love? #FridayFotoFiction

Taking inspiration #FridayFotoFiction to write a short fiction for Wordarry. Every picture has something to say, a story, a thought or just a means to ramble. Here is my take – Love?

Love? #FridayFotoFiction

“Take the stairs more often than the lift. It helps you lose weight”, ringed his girlfriend’s voice. Karan gave a sigh and climbed on. Karan was a foodie from a very young age, he savored it like an experience that brought him utmost happiness and satisfaction. He had been overweight all his life, but with no health issues.

How different was it now! Food only meant a source of energy to survive. “She loves me. She only insists on a six pack just so, I don’t feel bad in front of her friends.” smiled Karan. The smile somehow didn’t reach his eyes.

It was a colleague’s birthday and freshly made kachoris were being distributed in office. Karan’s mouth watered as the smell lured him. Painfully, he walked away thinking,”Some sacrifices are valid for love”.

‘Are they?’ came a resentful reply from within!

Wordcount {145}

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Love? #FridayFotoFiction

Hope you enjoyed this. Read more Wordarry.

P.S: Love someone for who they are. You are nobody to deprive them from what they love. <3

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