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Life in a Moment #Wordarry

The words swirl around in my head, as though trying hard to find an outlet. An outlet to be let out, to be heard. I show them light today, as they wait to flow eagerly. I give you Life In A Moment – a #Wordarry inspired by from my backyard.

Life in a Moment #Wordarry

Life in a Moment #Wordarry

I take a step. I feel the ground beneath me.

And wonder about the earth below the tiny stones.

‘Do you see me?’ asks the plant peeking in between the creeks of the stone.

‘I smile’, of course I do and I caress it showering all my love through that one touch.

‘See me too. see me too’ squeaks the little sparrow flying around me in all excitement.

I clap my hands in glee. ‘Pretty little one, how much energy you always have.’

The trees rustle, so as to draw attention to them too and the whoosh of a wind gushing, asking me to feel it’s presence.

I chuckle, wondering why am I so important to them all.

But I love the attention and the lovely colors spread across.

*Tap tap* brought me back to reality, as the husband handed me the coffee.

I had lived a moment amidst nature, I smile.

I had another moment to attend to, the one with the love of my life.

What was this?

A random run of words, words that I don’t visit but write in a trance in that moment. These help me attain my ‘high’, that no other drug can possibly give me ever, except love of course. 🙂 Life in a moment is just that, a moment of life I lived and now you lived with me. I feel light as I wrap writing this. Tell me how you feel or felt when you read this.

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  • Rashi Mital

    I loves this moment, Akshata. It was so lively. It did made me wonder how easily we forget the small but beautiful things around us. Full of energy(flying bird), hope(plants keeping from cracks), strength(tree), cool(wind). And not to forget topped with the aroma of a cup of coffee. Blissful morning. 🙂

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