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Every Girl’s Dream #FridayFotoFiction

Every week, it scares me and this time am forcing myself to do this, for the reason that I want to get better at writing. So diving in for this weeks #FridayFotoFiction. 🙂 A #Wordarry – Every Girl’s Dream.

Every Girl's Dream #FridayFotoFiction

Every Girl’s Dream #FridayFotoFiction

“It’s every girl’s dream. To be married and have a home. Shop, cook and raise kids. Happy Life!” ringed her mother’s voice.

Running her fingers through the Winter Line of Clothes at the mall, Kaveri smiled.

“Mam, Can I help you with that? It’s our new collection from a new designer, who won ‘The Most Promising Designer of 2017’ at the Lakme Fashion Week this year”, beamed the sales girl, who seemed to actually love the collection herself.

“So you like the collection huh?” Kaveri hugged the sales girl and walked away. The confused sales girl looked on, as Kaveri crossed the promotion lane with a big picture display of herself holding the award.

“It sure is every girl’s dream! To be happy and successful” Kaveri hifiv’d herself 🙂

Wordcount [129]

Linking the story Fire! to #FridayFotoFiction up to Tina & Mayuri

Every Girl's Dream #FridayFotoFiction

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Note: Why is it that girls are always brought up with a thought of finally being married and having kids? Why not change the way and show them, only sky is their limit- To Be whoever they want to be and achieve anything they want. Marriage is only another stage, they can choose to take. Every generation learns something from their experience and it’s only fair that we give the next one, something more to look forward to. Every Girl’s dream, should no more be about just the man she will marry, but about something she wants achieve or changing the world. Give your little one the dream. A dream just based on their capability and nothing else. <3

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