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Her Roots #FridayFotoFiction

There is much to say through stories, but much more to endure with words. My take on this weeks #FridayFotoFiction – Her Roots . Hope you like this wordarry.

Her Roots #FridayFotoFiction

Her Roots #FridayFotoFiction

Everyone were running around, trying to stay alive or save a loved one. Ear piercing cries of women, being brutally raped. Painful screams of injured men and children alike, begging for death to come. Bodies lying amidst the arena like a pile of logs, luring in the vultures.

Risha closed her eyes. She could still hear the evil voices and their laughter as they tortured men, women and children. 20 years ago, this arena saw an ethnic cleansing that almost wiped out a tribe.

Risha was the sole survivor of the massacre. “Maa, why do we come here every year” asked the little one as she held Risha tightly.

“To remember our roots and the cruelty of some humans, who decided others did not have the right to live, just because of their religion.”

Risha could almost feel her family surrounding her, asking her to keep their tribe alive.


Wordcount [150]

An Afterthought by OpinionatedMua

Ethnic cleansing is one of the most heinous crimes of human beings. How can a religion decide whether somebody has a right to live or not? Surprisingly, the more we are moving ahead in time, mindset seems to be setting back to stone age. Instead of concentrating on a better tomorrow, people want to play god and decide who gets to be treated well or live better. We are all human beings and that should be the only religion there is and should be. Everybody has a right to live, no matter the religion, race or anything else. Be human and treat others the same way too. Her roots is an attempt to show, save a culture and learn to be a human being.

I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted by Tina and Mayuri

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  • Rashi Mital

    It’s surprising I didn’t know about ethnic cleansing and more that it still exists. I agree with you, Akshata, esp on the point that instead of moving ahead and improving our living style and mindsets we are moving backwards. Based on religion or anything else, no one has a right to kill. A story with a powerful message.

  • Anagha Yatin (@anagha_yatin)

    There is a coincidence here…my take on the prompt could be a kind of prelude to your tale Akshata!
    Struck a deep chord. Very engaging, heart wrenching narration.
    History is replete with stories of hatred. But the green shoot of the positivity never dies and it shouldn’t be.

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