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#BookReview:The Mute Anklet by Radhika Nathan

Yay or Nay : Yay. Pick up the book for the writing and the racy read. Also for the strong personality of the protagonist that comes through.

Review: ‘The Mute Anklet’ takes you through the story of  Uma Brooke, an English in the care of an Indian Maharaja. The author narrates the story well, with you able to understand each protagonist as you move ahead along the story. This was the highlight of the book for me. You explore and understand each one of them and feel what they go through.

The relationship that blossoms between Uma and Captain Travelyaan, post their ‘arranged marriage’, is an interesting mix of ego clashes, war of words, infatuation, hate that eventually culminate into the love. There are moments you smile, feel angry or plain irritated. Now that’s something, not all books can do right? Uma’s character as a strong headed and speak your mind without any fear, is refreshing. Standing apart from other girly girl protagonists oriented books.

Here is an engrossing journey wherein, Uma tries to find her real father, overcome her prejudice of British due to her Indian upbringing & understand her feelings for Travelyaan. The story is gripping as you anticipate the mystery of ‘The Mute Anklet’. The climax though was a total disappointment as it turned out to hurried and an unexpected one, not a good one. I wish the author had written a different climax.

My takeaway: A silver lining exists for everything that happens. You have to wait it out to figure. Never judge a person based on the race/community they belong to. Lastly, be yourself, find someone who loves you for who you are and not on who you can or will become.

All in all, the Mute Anklet is a good read for the narration and the characters.

Book Details: Publishing year: 2013   |   Publisher: WESTLAND

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P.S: That was my first attempt at a review. I am hoping to get better at it as time goes.


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