#BookReview: The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher |
#BookReview: The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher
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#BookReview: The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher

Yay or Nay: Nay. If you are fan of Indian Mythology books (Like me), or if you are planning to read an fictional novel about The Mahabharata, then this definitely should not be the first book you read. There is nothing new or different, just the narration of the same old storyline. Read the review of The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher

Review: Christopher Doyle, just by the name felt Non-Indian! (#JudgementalMe). Being the first book, I was to read by Christopher and also the dosage for my Indian Mythology need , the expectations were high. But, it was disappointing. It maybe because, I have read lots of Indian Mythology (fiction) books and expect more, different and exciting materials every time. The plot in this book, just keeps moving like “Ya okay this is done, next, next”. What I am trying to say is everything is like ‘Matter of factly’. 

#BookReview: The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher

The beginning of the story was really interesting and from there it just lost its grip. Even on the most important part of story, the author failed to bring out the excitement or the mystery. Few images are used to explain the plot, which felt like a good idea. But the characters failed to bring that sense of power, authoritativeness or even the cruelty. They were just stated as i said before, a ‘Matter of Fact’. All the while I was reading the book I could not help but compare the similarities between this book and ‘Krishna Key’ by ‘Ashwin Sanghi’. This one failed to impress me in any way. I am sorry. Only after I finished the book I got to know that it was his first Novel. But….

My Takeaway: Indian Mythology is filled with lots of awesome stories and ideas. I grew up listening to them and wonder even till date if I would find those hidden secrets, if I went in search of them? 🙂 The idea of ancient discovery only makes me wonder if we are just ‘Rediscovering’ what was already known to our ancestors rather then calling it as a ‘New Invention’ 

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