#BookReview: Private India by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi |
Book Review: Private India by James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi
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#BookReview: Private India by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi

Yay or Nay: Neither a Yay nor a Nay. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone but many may like it as the ‘Private series’ is quite famous. Read the review of Private India by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi.

Review: I have been an ardent fan of the author ‘Ashwin Sanghi’ and bought this book for the sole reason it was co-authored by him. It was more than disappointing and I cannot not tell you, that it hurt. The language used for narration of the story is something that I did not appreciate at all. There were certain portions in the book, where I started to wonder whether it really was a ‘Ashwin Sanghi-James Patterson’ novel. Predictable was it, which never happens in a Sanghi book. You wouldn’t definitely not sit on the edge of your seat as you move along the pages.

Considering it’s one of the signature books of James Patterson ‘Private’, wonder why it turned out to be a very disappointing read. It was surprising to see that it fails, both in terms of the plot and the narration. To put the story in just a sentence, ‘It’s the story of a detective agency in India and traces the murder mystery case to find the criminal.’

Many may like this book as it is a detective story, but it just didn’t work for me, because of the narration mainly. I do like a racy, solve a mystery sort of a book, but this somewhere was not at all entertaining. Ashwin Sanghi, your reader is super disappointed! Are you listening? 😉

My Takeaway: I tend to relate to certain situations, plots and dialogues in books I read. This had one such things that I related to quite well. Some things or people who have impacted you in the past, don’t really go away just like that. You need to confront them, face them and deal with them for you to really move on. Don’t judge someone by how it may seem, it sure may not be trues.

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Book Details: Publishing year: 2014 | Publisher: Century

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