Mayada -Daughter of Iraq, A Book That Sends Shivers Down Your Spine |
Mayada - Daughter of Iraq, A Book That Sends Shivers Down Your Spine
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Mayada -Daughter of Iraq, A Book That Sends Shivers Down Your Spine

Reading a book seems simple but ask an avid reader and you’ll know how much more it means. It so happens that a book sometimes has such deep affect on you that you can’t stop thinking about it. Even when it’s been days since you finished reading it. Mayada -Daughter of Iraq is one such book. I take her name almost everyday since I have known her.

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Imagine yourself in the current life, your family, friends and children. Your everyday routine of waking up, enjoying a cup of tea, cooking, cleaning up, reading a book and the day going by in the many little things. Now imagine, you are to one day be arrested for a crime you don’t know of committing and are not allowed to contact your family to inform them. You are now in jail and not a soul knows that you are. How would you feel? To top it, you hear the screams of people being tortured. Imagine the scream to soon be one of yours. *Shudder* This is the story of Mayada -Daughter of Iraq by Jean Sasson.

Life in Iraq during Saddam Hussein Rule

Often, we take life that we have, for granted. We always aspire for more and are never satisfied by the happiness of everyday. We also undermine the democracy, the freedom we have in our country. The other day, watching Schindler’s list had me in fits of sobs, while my heart cursed every person in the Nazi army. Reading Mayada was even more painful. Killing someone for their ethnic group is the worst thing to do but torturing someone day in and day out for no crime committed, is a blasphemy.

‘The inhumanity of humans’ – a absurd phrase right? Humans are cruel in every sense of it. They are selfish and the behavior changes based on whether they want to like someone or not. Saddam Hussein, the infamous tyrant who created a Secret Police- a group that arrested innocent people and tortured them to death for the silliest of reasons including mere rumors. Women, kids, none were spared. Intellectuals, highly educated too faced imprisonment, torture and disrespect on the wimps and fancies of the then ruler of Iraq, his family and his army men.

Imagine the countless lives that perished, for no fault of theirs but one, that they lived in Iraq which was their home. I want to cry, scream, go back in time and stop these men from torturing and killing millions of people. How could they have the stomach to torture and kill children? Makes me think of the contrast between my life and theirs at the same period. While I lived a happy carefree life and they a life of torture. Goosebumps hits me like a shock-wave through my body bringing a feeling of guilt. Yes I couldn’t have done anything. Or could I have?

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Why I Recommend You Read Mayada -Daughter of Iraq

There has been a lot of backlash on the USA- Iraq war, but in many ways am glad someone put an end to Saddam’s tyranny.

Ever so often, you need to be remind yourself of the privileges of life. How your problems are barely anything compared to many others’. Mayada -Daughter of Iraq takes you on a journey of the Iraqi life, which is a must for the many presumptions we have of the countries like Iraq. The political war, the war of power has affected the Iraqi livelihood the most and the world often forgets to acknowledge that. This book represents the people of Iraq, their grit to get through it all and hope for a better tomorrow. The love for their homeland is something you will relate it, as you would have felt for your own.

The most important of it all, you’ll come to understand the cruelty of humans and why you should not be one of them. You will want to spread your arms and hug your loved ones, your life. A silent prayer your lips will mouth, thanking for a life you got to live. Mayada and her cell number 52 with many other women, is a symbol of grit and standing together. When all fails, we look for hope, strength and find it all when we look upon eachother.

There is much I want to say, but I want to stop here as I call her again. Mayada…

Book Details: Publishing year:2004 | Publisher: RHUK | Genre: Non-Fiction

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Mayada -Daughter of Iraq, A Book That Sends Shivers Down Your Spine

P.S: I have to thank Sulo from the IndoIndians Bookclub for lending me this book. Thank you is not enough.

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