#eBookReview: Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia |
#eBookReview: Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia
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#eBookReview: Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia

In my hunt to find amazing Indian authors who get lost in the sea of ‘so-called bestsellers’, Anupama Dalmia is a gem. Following her writing on Women’s Web, enjoying every morsel of her word weave, an ebook by her was a must buy. When Women Speak Up by Women’s Web was another discovery all together. Here is a short review for the ebook Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia.

Yay or Nay

Definitely yay! Anupama Dalmia is one of the many wondorous writers, Women’s Web has given us readers. 🙂

Review of Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia

Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia is a story of standing up to your loved ones for the right over wrong. It is a story of friendships and has a very strong message at the end of it. What would you do if you knew your loved one has done something terrible? Would you choose to do what is right than live with it, for the sake of a loved one? The ebook in many ways gives you a perspective, which is a necessary in today’s time.

The writing and the narrative flows naturally in the ebook Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia. One of the very reasons, I have always loved reading her writing. Am sure craving for more books from this author.

My Takeaway

I personally believe, doing the right thing is over any relationships, no matter the age. I have and will always choose the right over a loved one. Blood relative is not a reason to be entitled to love, respect and trust, rather each of it should be earned. Even parents for that matter need to work on earning it!

Book Details: Publishing year:2018 | Publisher: Amazon Self-Publishing| Genre: Short Stories – Thriller,Mystery

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#eBookReview: Aarohi by Anupama Dalmia

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