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#BookTreasures: 5 Indian Author Books I am Glad to Have Discovered

Books are the whole and soul of my life. There is some kind of energy, I draw from them and they help me grow everyday. Some books I read in a jiffy but some take months together. But in noway do I hurry to read them, because I believe in savoring them. I usually buy the books I read and rarely read e-books. I despise them. So I buy books based on authors, genre and intrigued the buzz it’s creating. But I stumble upon some book treasures and thank my stars everytime I discover one.

Book Treasures: Where to find them?

(Imagine me writing this with a smile and reminiscing of the times I found each one of them)

“Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.” – Jim Rohn

I neither want to miss a meal not a good book. Greedy right? Want everything all the time. Haha. Book treasures are the ones that you wouldn’t have planned to buy, but circumstances lead to it. Yes they are like experiences, the universe ensure to bring them to you, when you are not expecting them at all. *Sigh*, they can leave you emotional drained and exhiliarated. Not to forget to curse yourself, for not reading more authors and always following the buzz.

Should I blame myself or the e-commerce too? No! I should blame the marketing. I am a marketing professional and I love marketing, but I totally hate it in this matter. The reason I hate marketing is that, sub-standard or even horrible books get all the limelight, whereas the good authors and stories get lost in this whirlwind. Enough banter as it just makes you frustrated more than anything else. Let me take you to my treasure of 5 books,

1. Urnabhih: A Mauryan Tale of Espionage, Adventure and Seduction by Sumedha Verma Ojha

I never shop for a book based on it’s cover, it’s mostly on the blurb. But this cover design intrigued me and I don’t know what happened that day, but I bought it. I judged the book by it’s cover and am glad I did it. The narration and the story line is amazing. Even the characters will keep you gripped until the end.

#BookTreasures: 5 Indian Author Books I am Glad to Have Discovered

Buy it here

2. Lunatic in My Head by Anjum Hassan

I hadn’t heard about the author, until I heard her speak at the Times Lit Fest. Her personality and how she spoke had an impact on me. That’s why I bought her book. I must applaud myself for doing so, because her book was the same inspiring, strong personality like her. I sure will be buying more books from her.

#BookTreasures: 5 Indian Author Books I am Glad to Have Discovered

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3. Keep The Change by Nirupama Subramaniam

This was a gift from a friend and I sure was skeptical to read. It felt like all those easy read books that had no girt but just random language. But I was wrong. It was a light read but a good one. Well written and not exaggerated.

#BookTreasures: 5 Indian Author Books I am Glad to Have DiscoveredBuy it here

4. Inga by Poile Sengupta

This book was an impulse buy, because I adored the author. She was this fireball of jumpiness and giggles like a little girl, thought she was past 65. Also all the love that radiated from her and I must mention, her husband was really sweet too. He was there to cheer her on. So sweet isn’t it? 🙂

Oh my! The book was a mind blower totally! The story, characters and ending was something that I never predicted at all. Love love it!

#BookTreasures: 5 Indian Author Books I am Glad to Have Discovered

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5. Red Blood Sari by Ashok Banker

The book title was the selling point for me. I had heard of Ashok Banker of course, he is a renowned author. But never did I want to buy his book or looked too. But the moment I set eyes on this book I had to have it. The pages have a red rim to it, which makes the book look red, what an amazing marketing design. Had to have it. 🙂

It’s a book I thoroughly enjoyed too. Am yet to read the remaining books from the series. Yes it’s part of the Kali series.

#BookTreasures: 5 Indian Author Books I am Glad to Have Discovered

Buy it here

Have you found any?

I am glad to have read the above books and continue to listen to my intuition and go with the flow of circumstances, so I stumble upon more book treasures as these. Have you encountered any and loved them? Please do share them in the comments section. Don’t ever want to miss a good book!

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More books the merrier!

Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links. These links earn me a small commission if you buy through the links. Being honest so as to share the information and not keep anything undisclosed. 🙂



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