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#eBookReview: When Women Speak Up by Women's Web
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#eBookReview: When Women Speak Up by Women’s Web

The end of 2017 was an epiphany. #IHaveAVoiceToo, my Blogchatter Project in December, to urge people to fight against sexism and embrace feminism  gave me a clarity as to what I would be focusing on, in 2018. Throughout the campaign, the main goal was to get people to talk about sexism because I strongly believe that change starts when people speak up. When Women Speak Up by Women’s Web is a book that lead to the same path. It shows what can happened When Women Speak Up for themselves or for other women. Here is my review of the book.

Yay or Nay

Yay times 100 million. When Women Speak Up is a collection of short stories written by Indian authors(all women) and is a book you ought to read. Women are breaking stereotypes, questioning norms and refusing to be subdued. These stories mirror just that, what happens when women refuse to stay silent.

Review of When Women Speak Up

Something powerful transcends when women speak up and stand together to fight for causes. We witnessed that in a very strong way at the Golden Globe 2018. Women stood together in solidarity and as Oprah’s voice resonated ‘Times Up’, the women around the world united to say ‘No More’. The stories in When Women Speak Up has a similar power to it, to bring people together and initiate a change.

The book, When Women Speak Up has 10+ authors giving you different stories and perspectives. I strongly believe and said a million times over, Stories have the power to bring change. This book reiterates that belief. Though I enjoyed all the stories, there were a few that stood out to me and I want to talk about them as my ode to the authors.

The Girl With A Sealed Vagina by Vartika Sharma Lekhak

This story will intrigue you, make you stop in your tracks and think. I love how the author writes, with the vagina as a metaphor of being the main problem. Men feel powerful because they have the power to rape you, but what if they never could. How there would be no more fear and women would do whatever they wish too. Its the essence of the story that will intrigue you.

If Grandma Could Choose by Tanvi Sinha

A story of a widowed granddaughter and her grandmother urging her to live a little. Life will always move on, but you need to let it, is what the author tries to tell you.

A Step Out of The Box by Ashima Jain

This story has to be my number 1. It is the true essence of when women speak up and stand with eachother. A story of a daughter, a daughter in law and a wife, who wants to take care of her father. The reactions of the husband and the mother in law on this, eventually leading upto a decision is a story that everyone needs to read. Even tell others about it.

Never Too Late For Starting Over by Kasturi Patra

Life has only one deadline – Death. Until then you have all the time to live it, love and be the way you want too. This story is sure on my top 2. A story of a mother who wants to have another chance at life.

The Empty Nest by Tanvi Sinha

How generations of today can influence the older ones to change their mindset is this heartwarming story. I wished many more older generations would be influenced to change their views and understanding the new generations better.

A Matter of Style by Ashima Jain

I love this story for the strong stand the protagonist takes to not change her dressing just to go for a business trip abroad. What she does by standing upto herself is a story you ought to read.

Ashima Jain & Tanvi Sinha you guys are awesome. 🙂

My Takeaway

Mountains can be moved when you speak up. The only way to fight sexism and stand up for women’s rights is by speaking up. Women need to speak out and call out problems they face. Unless you talk about it, noone will ever bother about it. Also it’s time women stood for eachother and together to bring in the change.

Kudos to the team Women’s Web for publishing this book and urging authors to think in this direction. I hope they will continue to publish these stories. Women’s Web has been working since years for women and are a force that will move the world in the near future. Keep going ladies!

Book Details: Publishing year:2017 | Publisher: Self Published-Amazon | Genre: Short Stories/Contemporary Fiction

You have got to read this book. BUY BUY BUY

#eBookReview: When Women Speak Up by Women's Web

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