#BookReview: Tumula by Sudha Murty (Kannada Book) |
#BookReview: Tumula by Sudha Murty (Kannada Book)
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#BookReview: Tumula by Sudha Murty (Kannada Book)

I have grown up reading books. You know that already :). Let me write it better. I have grown up reading books in English. My home language is Kannada, but never did I read Kannada books. Why? Well, I always thought it would be difficult and I would never enjoy it. My father and family are voracious readers, who savor Kannada writing. Thanks to my sister Bindu, am taking the plunge into Kannada literature. Tumula by Sudha Murty is my first Kannada book. <3

Yay or Nay

Yay. Tumula is a book with many faces to it and brings out a valuable message in the most beautiful way possible. If you are just starting to read Kannada books (like me), a must for you. The author Sudha Murty is known for her ability to narrate stories in simple writing and Tumula is the perfect reflection of it.

Review of ‘Tumula ‘ by Sudha Murty

‘Tumula’ in Kannada means conflict, that unsettling feeling in your heart. Tumula is the story of Mahesha and the journey of finding his roots. The book is about the effect, one hidden truth can have on relationships and people, when it comes out. I admire the author, for her ease to portray characters and built personalities through the story, rather than explicitly telling the reader about them. Meaning, she introduces the various facets of a protagonist through incidents, than saying it out upfront. The protagonists in Tumula are relatable and realistic. Another plus about the book. Once you start reading, I assure you that you will be lost in the lives of the protagonists. 🙂

There are two twists in the book, which I kind of felt was quite unnecessary initially. But as I read along, I discovered it was meant to bring a message forward. A message that, relationships are not solely based on blood, or being born to a specific family. But rather, relationships are made with love, care and concern. Tumula is a book that will shed some light on the real foundation of relationships. Something that will inspire you to look into your own relationships.

A must read for sure.

My Takeaway

Tumula highlights the bond in relationships. It ever so happens, that the blood relations- father, mother, brother, sister, cousins etc are always said to be important. But through my own experiences and many others, I see that relationships are solely based on love and care. Friends become more important than family and sometimes strangers are good to you than your own relatives. Love is truly the essence of life and relationships.

Tumula by Sudha Murty highlights this very thought. Relationships are more about, building bonds, being genuine and loving wholeheartedly.

Book Details: Publishing year:2007 | Publisher: Sapna Book House | Genre: Fiction-Kannada

I did not find the book on amazon. So am sharing the link to Sapna Book House if you are looking to buy this book.

Click here to check it out.

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