#BookReview: Shakti- The Divine Feminine by Anuja Chandramouli |
#BookReview: Shakti- The Divine Feminine by Anuja Chandramouli
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#BookReview: Shakti- The Divine Feminine by Anuja Chandramouli

Yay or Nay: Nay. A pretty disappointing read actually! It hasn’t come together at all. Shakti The Divine Feminine was a regret buy unfortunately. The author is a kick ass person and I have still been waiting to read ‘The Arjuna’, her debut book. I still love her but don’t like this book. Makes this even more harder to write a bad review, as I adore the author.

Review: It pains me to even write this considering the author is amazing and I really can’t figure what happen with this book. A book that started off to be intriguing but a detached and disappointing read in the end. To be true, it was a drag and one of those books I wanted to give up on but could not due to my OCD. A story of Shakti and her various forms, the book oscillates between mythology and modern dialogue

I get the vision for the book, Shakti The Divine Feminine and do like certain parts of it. But it just didn’t come together and come across as it was intended maybe. It sure was like a recipe that had great ingredients but didn’t work well together. A recipe that left you never wanting to order it again. I wish the story was weaved better and brought together well.

#BookReview: Shakti- The Divine Feminine by Anuja Chandramouli

My Takeaway: More a wonder, if feminism can ever be put across well without sounding dominance or a plea to be heard. Will there ever be a way you can put feminism across. Women have been a strong part of every world, where they play important roles. But they are hardly glorified for their contributions. It’s better now, people talk about women in great sense but it can be even better.

Book Details: Publishing year:2015 | Publisher: Rupa Publications | Genre: Mythological Fiction

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