#BookReview: Menaka's Choice by Kavita Kane |
#BookReview: Menaka's Choice by Kavita Kane
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#BookReview: Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane

Yay or Nay : Yay for all the new perspectives it gives you on mythological characters and stories. Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane is yet another book the author gives you, to intrigue and to make you think. Of what you have known and of what you have been told.

Review: Like the previous books of the author, Menaka’s Choice=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ /> gives you the substories of characters in Ramayana that are not spoken much off. Menaka has always been spoken off as the seductress, who broke Viswamitra’s penace. Menaka’s choice by Kavita Kane urges you to see Menaka’s side of the story. The story of love, loss and sacrifice. It urges you to change your vantage point and look at various characters in their acts, choices, decisions et,.al. This specific aspect is what I have always enjoyed, reading all of this author’s books. She unfolds characters along with the story, giving you different view points. Not as a clarification or a justification but just as their story that need to be told. #BookReview: Menaka's Choice by Kavita Kane

Then again, unlike her other books, where the main characters grip you, making you feel each emotion as your own, Menaka’s Choice somewhere failed to do so. You hear Menaka, but you don’t feel her passionate self, being done and undone by many a people. It didn’t leave me with an after thought, which is mostly the case in each of Kavita Kane’s previous books. But I did enjoy the writing.

If you are mythology buff, you sure will enjoy it.

My Takeaway: Your life depends on your choices, more than luck and fate. How you choose and who you choose is how your life will move ahead, take turns, feel like the end and then be the best of what you had thought of it as. Don’t neglect that, I wouldn’t say choose wisely, but rather choose to have what you wish.

Book Details:  Publishing year: 2015  | Publisher : Rupa Publications | Genre:Mythological Fiction

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