#eBookReview: Maya & The Mind Mystics by Lavanya Srinivasan |
#eBookReview: Maya & The Mind Mystics by Lavanya Srinivasan
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#eBookReview: Maya & The Mind Mystics by Lavanya Srinivasan

Being a part of Blogger communities has helped me discover soo many talented writers. Many have eventually become friends and it marvels me, how words have the power to connect people too. I guess that’s the beauty of being a human, the power to connect with others through words. Maya & The Mind Mystics is a book by a fellow blogger. Here is my review of the book by Lavanya Srinivasan.

Yay or Nay

Yay for the story and the author’s narration of the story. Fast paced and an interesting storyline. I would say that she could have done a lot better. But it’s a good start to the being an author journey. 🙂

Review of Maya & The Mind Mystics

To be very frank, the reason I picked up this book to read because I adore Lavanya Srinivasan. We are twitter buddies and have been part of many online campaigns together. I decided to read this as my first read for the year 2018 and mind you with no expectations what so ever. I was thrilled, the way the story gripped me and I ventured on an adventure with Maya. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is the story of Maya and her adventure to safeguard the secret. Maya belongs to a cult; descendants who have special powers derived from their anger or tranquility. This cult was created to safeguard a secret, who gained their powers by ingesting Kamadhenu’s milk. Kamadhenu who is the mother of cows and who emerged alongside Lakshmi in the Samudra Manthana(the churning of the ocean for the fight for Amritha between the Gods and the Demons).

This cult was the hook to the book for me. The story is fast paced and the book Maya & The Mind Mystics is a quick read. The story is gripping but the characters fail to make a connection with you. Specifically Maya sort of got on my nerves for her attitude and behavior, maybe because I expected her to behave better after understanding the powers she has. There are many loose ends to the story that are not tied down. Even some unnecessary scenes that could have been let go.

With an editor, a better book cover and also some changes in the way characters come through, Maya & The Mind Mystics could sure have been a bestseller on shelves of the many bookstores across India. I swear. I almost hope some publisher would pick it off here and print it. 🙂

My Takeaway

Every book I read has a takeaway. Maya & the Mind Mystics had a more self-realization sort of a takeaway. Here is me sharing what I took away from this book.

Each person that comes into your life has a role to play. They eventually influence a manifestation in your life that makes you who you will be. Every life has a responsibility, there is something for everyone to achieve in their lifetime – good or bad, it’s upto the person to decide. No life on earth is without a purpose. Also believing in yourself, your abilities is the biggest boost to your confidence, which will help you achieve anything you want in life.

‘YOU’ can be your strongest companion or your biggest enemy.

Book Details: Publishing year:2017 | Publisher: Self Published-Amazon | Genre: Mythological Fiction/Adventure

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#eBookReview: Maya & The Mind Mystics by Lavanya Srinivasan

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