#BookReview: Kartikeya - The Destroyer's Son by Anuja Chandramouli |
#BookReview: Kartikeya - The Destroyer's Son by Anuja Chandramouli
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#BookReview: Kartikeya – The Destroyer’s Son by Anuja Chandramouli

After a fabulous interview with the author Anuja Chandramouli (Read it here if you haven’t yet ;)), she was kind to send me her book set to read. I love receiving books, I think it is the best kind of gesture. But due to the 100 things that came up, I haven’t still been able to complete reading all. But I plan to finish them all by the next month end. 😉 Here is my review of Kartikeya by Anuja Chandramouli.

Yay or Nay

Yay, for there aren’t many books that give you a glimpse of Kartikeya. Being one of the most famous Gods among the South Indians specifically, I love that the author chose to write about him. I must say I hardly knew much on the story of Kartikeya.

Review of Kartikeya by Anuja Chandramouli

Shiva and Shakti are the epitome of love in our scriptures. Their beloved children Kartikeya(Subramanya) and Ganesha are as beloved to many as they were to their parents. The story of Ganesha, the elephant headed, round bellied, modak loving God is one among our childhood stories. The soft natured, handsome Kartikeya on the peacock is an intriguing, who’s story we, atleast me, have not heard of much.

Kartikeya by Anuja Chandramouli gives you an insight into Parvati’s beloved son’s life journey. The author Anuja, has a knack with words and narration. With every book, she connects better with the audience. But there were certain sections, that makes you loose interest and you need to pull yourself back into the story. An interesting part of this book is she describes Ganesha to be born as a girl initially, who fiercely protects her mother from hurt, eventually loosing her life in her father’s hand. Why this is interesting is, it gives a new perspective to the character of Ganesha.

I have always loved how the author empowered each of the woman characters in her books, giving them a voice and a strong character. This is visible even in this book as Parvati, the Little girl Ganesha, Indra’s daughter Devasena. Women who are not afraid to voice their opinions and are ready to stand for and against their loved ones when needed.

Another endearing aspect that comes across in Kartikeya, is how relationship between parents can affect children in how they look at life and relationships. This is true to everyone, Gods, demons or humans, who you are can influence who your kids become.

I wish the author’s narration is more gripping and held together better in the books to come. All in all it’s a good read.

My Takeaway

Parents play a much higher role in their children’s life than any of us can imagine. Kids are greatly influenced by the characters and personalities of parents. This is noways means parents have a control over their kids for lives. Relationship, I feel are better when not held onto too tightly. Parents play a major role in how their kids grow up and who they become. But slowly it also is time for the parents to let go and have their children make their own mistakes and decisions.

This is clearly seen in the book Kartikeya by Anuja Chandramouli, where Kartikeya figures out how to play different roles- that of a son, a husband and a god. This book in many ways humanizes the Gods and shows the domestic trifles which even they cannot escape. 🙂

Book Details: Publishing year:2017 | Publisher: Rupa Publications India| Genre: Mythological Fiction

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