#BookReview: House Of Cards By Sudha Murty |
#BookReview: House Of Cards By Sudha Murty
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#BookReview: House Of Cards By Sudha Murty

Yay or Nay: Nay. I found it pretty boring and didn’t like how the characters panned out though am an ardent fan of Sudha Murthy and her writing. Here is what I think of the book House of Cards by Sudha Murty.

Review: The novel narrates the story of a wife and the journey of her husbands life, the ups and downs in it. A story that talks of the family and the trifles of a wife, a mother. What and why the various things the protagonist did was something that was really frustrating to me. Probably because I do not believe in, always sacrificing, supporting, never expressing attitude at the cost of yourself.

#BookReview: House Of Cards By Sudha Murty
The husband in the story, just lived his life and changed his values accordingly without giving a second thought to his wife or her feelings. It quite felt like House of Cards was written in a hurry, which is quite unlike Sudha Murthy. The author always takes her time to explain characters, stories bringing in the values in time. What I did like about the book, was how it portrayed, a mother and father’s influence on their children. How the parents behave, talk would be the foundation to the value system of a child.

House of Cards by Sudha Murty, speaks eons on morals, making you realize certain things. But it also leaves you with a vacant and an angry feeling for the woman to have been soo vulnerable.

My Takeaway: Always speak out. You are as important in a relationship as the other person. Never take your loved ones for granted. Also remember, your children are watching you, and will eventually be a reflection of who you are in many ways than you seldom realize.

Book Details: Publishing year: 2013 | Publisher: Penguin | Genre: Fiction

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    • akshata

      Quite agree with you. It sure was a brave thing to do but it was highly frustrating for me that she took soo long to do. We women tend to forgive the people we love too soon, even at the cost of ourselves isn’t it?

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