5 Thoughts After Reading Oprah - A Biography by Kitty Kelley |
5 Thoughts After Reading Oprah - A Biography by Kitty Kelley
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5 Thoughts After Reading Oprah – A Biography by Kitty Kelley

Oprah Winfrey – a name that fills our heart everytime we hear or think about. A strong female form, who is an idol to many a girls, boys, women and men alike. Oprah is one of my idols too. For everything she has achieved, accomplished and continues to pave new ways. One of the many women, who has the power to change the world with her words. Reading Oprah- A Biography was an intent to know this person and how she became who she is today.

Oprah – A Biography by Kitty Kelly

A biography written by researching the various interviews, articles on Oprah and also talking to the people around her. The book will hit you at some point while reading it. You’ll stop and wonder, who is Oprah Winfrey? The woman we have come to see or read about or this one who Ms.Kitty Kelly tells us. The author does reiterate that ‘Oprah Winfrey is a legend, but there is another side of her that I want to show to you.’

I wondered as I continued reading, if I would feel different about Oprah at the end of it. Would I not like her anymore or idolize her? Many a thoughts gnawed at me,  but there were 5 that did not vanish but kept reappearing throughout the book. I put these thoughts in front of you and muse as to what you think about it.

What’s it with biographies? Autobiographies are always more like a guilty victim trying to explain his case as to why he or she did what they did. Biographies are raw. Ever wonder how it would be to look at your life as a third person? Then get someone to write your biography. Currently reading Oprah – A biography by Kitty Kelly. This books seen more as a controversy than anything. Makes me want to read more to know why. I love Oprah, but I wonder if that will change after am done reading this book.🤔 #currentlyreading #bookstagram #book #bookstagrammer #books #bibliophile #bookreader #readingbook #reading #booksofinstagram #bookishfeatures #bookshelf #oprah #oprahwinfrey #biography #biographies #kittykelly

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Thought 1 : The Struggle is what sets the tone but it’s the ambition that drives you to the goal

We have dreams, each one of us and we struggle everyday to want to achieve it. Some struggle knowing it will remain a dream and yet will not stop wanting it. We work hard, we save, take risks and even sacrifice with a vision that in many ways this will lead us to our dream. Oprah Winfrey, did the same. Her vision was to be someone and be rich. All of us dream to be rich but do we really work towards it?

The ambition is as important as the struggle. This is what will keep you going to go through the struggle and achieve the dream. She knew very clear as to what she wanted to be, once she achieved it, she has a new goal. She did not stop at one achievement but built on it as life moved along. This grit is what makes her Oprah. Never satiated and always looking for something more.

I wish to build that ambition, where one success only means, there is room to work on another.

Thought 2: Why does she NEED to HAVE TO do good for her family and people she knows?

The double standards of a society I would say. A family, relatives who were not there when she struggled and possibly did not care of her existence, suddenly feel they are entitled to earn from her. I quite understand her obsession for Non disclosure agreements. When you near and dear one’s are ready to feed the media to earn a few bucks, why shouldn’t she control what people are allowed to say about her?

Oprah Winfrey worked her ass off to get to where she is now. She worked for the money she earned, for the fame and love she earned. The millions of followers she garnered was because of how and who she is. Why should the family or relatives or friends be entitled to all this just because they are related in someway. She doesn’t need to or ought to help any of them.

There are instances in the book, when some of her family members complain about not getting her support to publish a book with her as one of the main protagonists. Here you are trying to make money off her and feel bad that she didn’t allow it. Oprah was right in not allowing so.

It angers me to think how a million will come to eat off your success but only a handful to support you through your hardship. When you achieve that success and want to do good things for the handful that stood by you, the millions who didn’t support suddenly expect you to do a lot more for them.

Thought 3: Why should philanthropy be only in the regions you have lived in or are born from?

Oprah donates millions to many organizations to help people. She champions relief campaigns for many a natural disasters. Oprah also builds a school for girls in South Africa. Yet, constantly in the book, it is reiterated that she did not donate or grow her hometown Milwaukee. Instead decided to pour in more funds in South Africa. I wonder why is that wrong?

Philanthropy is something that you do because you believe in certain causes and also for people. Why there should be a set rule as to you should be doing more for your own hometown and the place you live in?

I found that disturbing. The expectations sure seemed high, as if it was a right they were entitled to and Oprah did not give it to them. I agree there are things she did wrong in many ways, but she is only human.

Thought 4: Oprah Winfrey is a human too and ought to make mistakes

The way she behaves and the arrogance she shows in many circumstances is wrong. But I would argue that she is only human at the end of the day. Give her some credit for it. Oprah Winfrey has been a public figure who inspires girls from across the world to aspire to be independent, ambitious and looked up too. Off the multitude of good she does, the few bad things are sure not to be forgiven but also don’t need to be highlighted as the only show of her character.

Oprah is a wonder woman who brought smiles to many, showed the power of words and changed many a lives. Cut her some slack is all I would say. Just because the media wants to show the dark side of her, you can’t go on tagging her to be a bad woman. She has done soo much and we cannot ever stop gushing over it.

Thought 5: Everyone evolves and grows up to be a different person in time

Who I was 5 years back is a person I don’t recognize now. Same goes for Oprah, who she was as a child, as a teenager and even as Oprah the news anchor will be way different. She would have grown up, changed views, perspectives and thoughts. You cannot hold the past against a person. Who she was, in noway validate who she is or will be.

Yes, It surprised me that she would behave rude and not care about others feelings. But all this will not change who she is – Oprah Winfrey. A trailblazer who is idolized, who inspires and fills many a million with warmth. Period!


Reading this book did leave me with a new side of Oprah, but in noway do I admire, respect and love her any less. It takes grit to grow to her heights and achieve, everything she has and continues too. I salute her!

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5 Thoughts After Reading Oprah - A Biography by Kitty Kelley

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  • Ishieta

    good review. to me it seems like the author has allowed a lot of her preconceptions to spill through. I was nodding along in agreement, I think Oprah’s struggle has been immense and it is entirely her prerogative of what she want to do, and whom she wants to be. No one can and should judge her, or anyone else!

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