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5 Indian Authors and Their Books You Should Read

It is only fair for me to start this with a confession. A confession for not reading books from many a great Indian authors yet, but am on my way. So this post is more a limited knowledge of what I have read and would recommend. Indian literature has always fascinated me, for the gems it beholds, who rarely even look to be awed upon. One of the many reasons I started this blog, to bring out these gems a.k.a Indian authors who are least spoken about. Mind you not just talking about the bestsellers.

I trudge on this mission to bring Indian writers and literature to the world. Also nurturing a dream of having a bookstore that is dedicated to them. For the many books I have read till date, I bring you 5 Indian authors and their works, you must savor once in your lifetime. Then again as I said before, these are my current list and not the ultimate list. 🙂

Indian authors – great storytellers and magicians bringing characters to life

 ‘I was born with a reading list I will never finish’

Indian authors have given us masterpieces and yet struggle for a global audience. Only a few discovered and cherished, with lost in this competition against the ‘so called bestsellers’. These ‘so called bestsellers’ fail miserably, not only in language but to give you anything substantial as take away, that good books never fail to accomplish.

Here are 5 Indian authors I have read and wholeheartedly recommend. I even buy multiple copies of their books as gifts to friends and family.

RK Narayan

RK Narayan is the legend, who gave us Malgudi Days, Swami and Friends and many other books. These books depict everyday stories and lives beautifully. His books were the very first I read as a kid and they, in many ways influenced my love for stories and words. These books would sure be a great for children, to get them to start reading. My favorites are The Guide and The Man Eater of Malgudi.

5 Indian Authors and Their Books You Should Read

Sudha Murthy

An Indian author who is an epitome of humbleness and a treasure trove of stories. She shares her experiences through short stories in her books, that provoke your thoughts. What is most enjoyable about her books, is her writing style, easing you into characters and their lives. Again a good collection to have for both children and adults alike. You will find yourself going back to them, more like chicken soup for soul series that never seize to inspire. My favorites would be Mahashwetha and Gently Falls The Bakula.

5 Indian Authors and Their Books You Should Read

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Anita Nair

One of my favorites among Indian authors, for her beautiful soulful writing. Her books will always have an after effect, that you’ll take sometime to cope with. Her culture influences many of her writing and it’s bliss to experience her words. Anita Nair writes on emotions unapologetically, bringing out it’s force on you. Her writing is never monotonous, giving you new flavors every time. My favorites are Ladies Coupe, Lessons In Forgetting and The Alphabet Soup For Lovers (This book has a very interesting narration, relating each chapter to a food item).

5 Indian Authors and Their Books You Should Read


Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin Sanghi was the first Indian author who introduced me to mythological fiction genre, making me fall in love with it. Though over the years, I have not liked some of his work, but still can’t refrain from buying his new books. His writing is crisp and binds you to the story, but this seems to vanish in some of his books. But I can’t not jump with joy everytime he replies to me on goodreads or on twitter. 😉 I probably will always recommend him. :) My favourites are Chanakya Chant and Krishna Key.

5 Indian Authors and Their Books You Should Read

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Kavita Kane

The Indian author who fueled my mind to break notions and work with new perspectives. Another favorite in the mythological fiction genre, Kavita Kane will confront your thoughts, questioning the norms and forcing you to think. Her characters embed in you, making you feel their emotions like a loved one, you want to protect. The author sheds light on characters in the Mahabharata/Ramayana that are least spoken off, but the voice of whom needs to be heard. My favourites are Karna’s Wife and Menaka’s Choice.

5 Indian Authors and Their Books You Should Read

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Am sure in time, I shall come back to add to the list. But I sure hope you enjoy reading their work as much as I did. Share your thoughts on your favorite Indian authors and their bestsellers you like. Happy reading!

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