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    A death to remember Life

    Death. It’s lurking around us, creeping into our lives through a person you have known or a shock when you lose a person you love. It makes you question, “Is this what life is all about? An ever ending chase of living it before death catches you?” It makes me ask another pertinent question. “Have I loved enough? Have I shown love to everyone? Have I given all the love I could and would have?” We chase these common dreams of the masses, ‘the house’, ‘the car’, ‘the children you ought to have’ and ‘the life that is social media acceptable’. How often do we Count ‘the smiles’, ‘the memories’,…

  • Mua Says,  Opinion

    Lock Your Phone And Unlock Life!

    A popular saying (an actual thought, a reality! You get the drift) is ‘Life goes by in a blink of an eye.’ In this age it should be modified to ‘Life goes by staring at the phone screen!’ We are soo busy living a virtual social media life that ‘Life in real‘ is being missed out on. It’s time to Lock Your Phone to Unlock Life. What am I saying or atleast trying too? Do you remember the time when the smartphones weren’t there? The only thing you could do was call, message and play games. Also click some blurred pictures. 😉 Or even the time when you were a…