The Story of a Girl and... Snakes! |
The Story of a Girl and Snakes!

The Story of a Girl and… Snakes!

It slowly crawled down the wall and climbed up on her bed. She knew it was coming for her, but she was unable to move. She felt no sensation of her body. Her eyes stared at that venomous split tongue of the snake making its way towards her. As it crawled on her naked leg, she felt the cold wet skin of the snake. The darkness in the room was replaced by ‘hiss’ &  her ‘heart beat’ thumping her chest. She felt paralyzed as her focus was fixed on that snake. Not realizing that there was another one crawling up from the side of her bed. She felt cold sweat trickling down her neck, as she moved her hand & eyes she saw a snake crawling around her neck. 

She shut her eyes tightly clutching her teeth hard as she waited for one of it to strike her, as few seconds passed by without anything she dared to open her eyes slowly and suddenly the room was ‘Filled’ with snakes. Finally, she screamed!!

Nainaaaa!!!!! Wake up! She suddenly rolled out of the bed kicking, throwing her hands out and suddenly stood still on the ground. Her heart beating really loud and fast. Nainaa!!!! Came the voice again from outside her room. Are you not going to office today? Its already 9am. It was her mom calling her out. She sat down on the bed, slowly burying her head into her hands. 3rd time in a week she had dreamed about Snakes. She was scared but was curious also as to what it meant and why snakes of all the animals? Moving to check her phone for the time and her normal dozens of messages. She sent her everyday ritual of good morning messages to all wishing a good day as she tried to shrug off the feeling of her nightmare.

Interestingly after a month or so she had received a lovely and sweet good morning message with lots of kisses emoticon from her “to be Husband”. Few months earlier she had got engaged to her long-time boyfriend. And from past couple of months things between them had not been good. The love, care & compassion was lost. The feeling was horrifying but she held on to her hope of things working out and being normal again as always. Last night before she dozed off, they both had not talked and it was just the exchange of silent ‘okay, alrite, good night msgs’ followed with few words of blames! This had been the story of their relationship for past few days.

The Story of a Girl and Snakes!PIC: SNAKEDREAMS

Unsure but somewhat happy to have received a good morning message from him, she replied saying she had the dream of snakes! As her mind again went back to snakes and her dream. The response she expected from him was ‘ohh okay, its just a dream’. Thou those words were in the reply it was followed up with lovely assuring message saying ‘I am here for you, you are alrite now’. She really did not know what had happened from the night she slept to waking up, ‘why is he being nice to me?’ ‘why the sudden love?’ she didn’t dare ask it and just decided to enjoy the love and care while it lasted as she knew it would end soon.

The thought of losing him scared her, she felt he would soon get fed up of her and walk away. She felt helpless as she could not figure out what to do, to make things okay between them. The conversation, ‘real conversation’ after many days was happening over her dreaming snakes! She always loved the way he explained things to her with all the details and how he could just say all the right words assuring her, she thought to herself ‘So does seeing snakes in a dream has  a meaning after all?’ As he explained what her dream could mean:

It could be a sign of transformation because it sheds its skin. Or if you are afraid of them in waking life, they may represent something that you are afraid of facing, accepting or dealing with in waking life. May symbolize someone or something that you feel is threatening to your physical or emotional well being”.

He continued explaining:

“You might be sexual attracted to someone or you are scared of that man.”

She replied ‘No nothing sexual’ and the conversation came to end as soon it had started. He just responded ‘ok’. Caught between thoughts “should I say or should I not” the picture of the snake “staring at her” came to her mind. She thought ‘Is this the end of us?’ As she rolled back on the bed she said to herself. “I will always love you and need you.” She closed her eyes and felt something trickle on her legs, she opened her eyes to see what it was, when she heard “HISS”! she “SMILED”.



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