Witness LOVE. Don’t just experience it! |
Witness LOVE. Don’t just experience it!
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Witness LOVE. Don’t just experience it!

Love is a mushy mushy feeling that melts us into a tiny puddle, feeling all warm inside. We seek for it, from the moment we start to understand it(A little thanks to the hormones too ;)). Now now, don’t deny it. You know it’s true. You experience it at least once in your lifetime. But have you witnessed love?

Don’t be confused, I’ll tell you in time. But let’s dwell on this feeling called ‘Love’. That warm fuzzy feeling inside you, with your heart bursting, as it races to win some race you don’t know of. The Hollywood, Bollywood, Sandalwood and every movie industry upholds it. Sometimes as a part of the story or as the main theme itself. It wouldn’t be wrong to say ‘Love’ is a roller coaster ride. Where, you can neither expect when the high would come nor when you will have a fall. No matter how many times, each time it’s different and unexpected.

But when love is true, it not just warms up the two people in love but also, everyone around them. True love as they say, is no fairy tale, happily ever after shit. But it is more so, accepting eachother for who they really are. They don’t mind the fights because at the end of the day, it’s about being with eachother. Well, being an outsider, you may not see the fights and arguments but a rosy love story you think would be like any other.

Witnessing love, is a joy you experience in the purest form. It is like how a baby loves the parents or the close ones. The smile that comes on you as you see, the baby smile or laugh looking at the loved ones. It’s the same. Love in a relationship, when true, warms everyone around, especially when the relationship is to move to the next level – Marriage.

Witness LOVE. Don’t just experience it!

pc: Kavya

Last few months has been a fiasco of weddings and functions, but what was truly a bliss was watching two people, who have loved eachother and been with eachother for soo long, taking that next step. Mind you, such weddings are not the same but may seem the same if you are ignorant. 😉 You don’t see this in every love marriage either, let me clarify. But only in them that purely rests on love and respect for eachother.

Witness LOVE. Don’t just experience it!

pc: Prabha’s cousin 😉

What’s soo different?

Well let me break it down for you, so you can either relate to what am trying to say or pay attention the next time. 😉

  • The weddings are not just functions but a celebration of love, of family, of completing many a years of struggle to be accepted into eachother’s family.
  • It’s not the rituals that happen but, the stolen glances, the smile to eachother and the many things they tell eachother without saying a word.
  • It’s not just an emotional time but a very happy time, where in they promise eachother, that nothing will change except the name of their relationship. The love and the respect remains.
  • The parents who see, that, the other will take care of their child now and in noway change the relationship with their child but only make it more strong and add more love to it.
  • It’s the friends, who saw them go through soo much, to have finally come to this stage. One of the reasons of the infinite hugs and extreme dancing. It’s more so saying, ‘Hey my friend! As you are forced to behave, we shall celebrate this with all the energy and the craziness in us.’

So the next time, observe, look and feel the warmness as two people in love, come together to fulfill their dream of being together and loving till the eternity. Trust me it is the most blissful and warm and extremely happy feeling you will ever experience. 🙂

Witness LOVE. Don’t just experience it!

pc: Studio AJ

Note: Thanks to my girls for letting me use their pictures and also this post is inspired by all of them. Dechamma, Prabha and Kavya.. :* <3 Love you girls and wish you all the happiness.

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