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Of what is #trending over what really matters

I use the sentence ‘Changing times’ , ‘Times have changed’ quite a lot. In good sense of course, to compare and to say it’s time for the mindset to change too. Lately am starting to wonder, has time changed only to move in the wrong direction. Times where, of what is trending over what really matters has become important.

On the offset, you may deny it. But as you mull over it, you would agree. Let me give you a few examples,

News : How many of us know the real news, we ought to know? Most of us only know the news that is trending or a lot of people are talking about it. Now again Trending becomes more important than what matters.

What or who you stand for : Remember this story? Well people were at one time talking against the guy without even knowing the complete truth and then for him after knowing. Why jump into conclusions right? Poor guy didn’t even know what hit him, when messages started pouring into his FB account. Here too, hasn’t such an incidence ever happen before? Why was it soo big now? Well it was about how many were talking about it sin’t it? Trending v/s What Matters?

Initial story on Indian Express

Of what is #trending over what really matters

Post knowing the truth story on Firstpost

Twitter: Well this platform sure has moved to another level all together. Especially with the scenario of how easily you can control a #Trending topic. All you need is a minimum number of tweets+users and there you are. Mind you, when you click on it, you shall see many of them don’t even know what people are talking about. But will sure use the hashtag without fail. View below an example, how is this related to #AeDilHaiMushkil

Whats the point?

Well the point am trying to make is this, everyone seems to be running behind what is #trending as against what really matters. Is it because, people want to feel a part of something? A cult or society, belong to a group? Or a mass minded message sounds better than having an opinion on your own. Be a sheep, one among many than waste time to think and have opinions.

Herd mentality or a simple I don’t care but just want to be part? Well, let me tell everyone who does so. This won’t last and will sure not build your personality or somehow increase your persona. It’s good to use your brains sometimes isn’t it and actually give importance to what really matters. Oh wait! if it’s too much am asking, how about just having your opinion and thoughts just for once!

Are you waiting #ThinkForYourself or #UseYourMind to trend too?

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