This Raksha Bandhan, Gift your Sister Something of Value |
This Raksha Bandhan, Gift your Sister Something of Value
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This Raksha Bandhan, Gift your Sister Something of Value

Raksha Bandhan is a festival all the Indians celebrate across the world. Ironically this comes immediately after Friendship Day, so in many sense Raksha Bandhan should also be known as the ‘Friendzoned day‘. Don’t you think? 😉 Well that was the joke every time right? Of the college guys not talking to or running away from girls, so they don’t turn them into their brother on this day. You wonder the power of a thread that could turn anyone into your brother. Anyways, for the brothers who are, this year why not give your sister something of value for Raksha Bandhan.

Confused? Let me explain

I surely am not talking about expensive clothes or accessories or anything else. Well it’s not bad to give all that, now who wouldn’t like such stuff right? But am asking to give them something more. Okay okay, not beating around the bush, coming to the point. Ditch the materialistic things this Raksha Bandhan and instead give her any or all of this,

  • Be proud of her independence: Your sister can practically manage everything on her own. Has a job, contributes to the family, pays for her own things and has a mind of herself. Respect that and also tell her ‘how proud you are of how she is and what she has achieved’.
  • Don’t judge her by what she wears: Am sure you like girls with short dresses and deep necks. You admire elegance and beauty. But may not like it when it’s your sisters who are all that. Why not broaden mind and treat her as a person who can do wear what she wants. The responsibility of her safety may not be just on clothes you know.
  • Don’t talk or let anyone talk about her marriage: The ultimate goal of a girl’s life is to not marry but can be the same as anyone- to be an astronaut, a teacher, join army or start a company. Talk about her future as the things she would like to achieve but not marriage as one of them.
  • Don’t kitchen her: Kitchen is not just a girl’s job, it’s of everyone who’s at home. So the next time your mum or aunts calls her to help her or do work in the kitchen, volunteer to do it yourself. Let her laze around. Trust me they equally have no clue as to what to do in the kitchen and neither the interest.

Well you think you could give her this? Not too much to ask right?Raksha Bandhan’s are a cliched I protect you sorta thing, but what it actually needs to be I celebrate you now, later and even when you are annoying and old. Trust me when I say this, when you do all this, you are not only helping her grow as a person but showing her she deserves to be respected, loved and can achieve anything she wants.

Brother sister relationships are fun, irritating, crazy and torturous. Enjoy it! Live it! Love it!  Then do this,


P.S: I have a super cool brother too, who I hate at times and want to beat the shit out of when we argue. But I love, respect and adore him. We haven’t celebrated Raksha Bandhan for ages, coz we somehow know we are always there for eachother.


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