Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes #CupcakesLove |
Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes #CupcakesLove
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Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes #CupcakesLove

Sweet tooth is the only type of teeth I have. 😉 I can melt into a chocolate abyss and watch the cheesecake giggle, while I savor a pack of churros. Yes, I like many of you am a hardcore foodie and love everything sweet. Am like the Indiana Jones in search of the best desserts in a city! 🙂 Because I love desserts, I also want to make them (strategy to save money and eat more you see ;)). Here is a simple cupcake recipe video for beginners, non-bakers and anyone to make mindblowing, soft cupcakes.

Live to eat and swim in the world of desserts, said the foodie. Oh ya that’s me 😉

Cupcakes – The Little bundles of Joy

We women crave chocolate and sweets the most, during our mood swings i.e either menstruation or feeling sad or everyday ;). Atleast I do. Nothing and nobody(okay except the husband 😉 ) can make me feel better, than desserts, with chocolate topping this list of desserts. I promise you am dreaming and drooling over them as I write.

The first time I said helloo to this bundle of joy, was when I was in school. Remember those small sponge cakes we would get in a bakery as cupcakes. They were my first(pun intended;) ). After that I have had oodles of cupcakes all across bangalore. Maybe I should list the best places to savour some desserts in Namme Bengaluru. 🙂

Cupcakes are those little things, that promise you of a better now. As you bite into these sweet, soft magic, you can feel your body relax, your tummy jumping in the air and your tongue go through an orgasm. A typical foodporn, that shuts the world outside and you live happily ever after with your little cupcake. haaaaaa… 🙂

I Want to Bake, I Need to Bake

The first time I tried to bake was with a microwave at home. More so a Mug Cake is what I made. It was good, well rather I told myself so. My sis-in-law and me tried a full fledged cake from a cake mix, lol. But it sure wasn’t anything. But we still ate it mind you. 😉 So that’s how my experiments with baking started. I love love love it!

The point is, I was hooked. Now that I live in a house with an oven I try to bake as often and try to get better at making desserts. Though the diet is a constant reminder not to bake soo often. 😉 Well the 2 things I love baking are cookies and cupcakes. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoy the process of making it. Like pouring all my love into it, making it taste better. Yes am overacting but that’s exactly how I feel so. 🙂

I have tried various different recipes off YouTube and blogs to make the perfect cookies and cupcakes. Some worked and some fell on the face. This constant trying is what helped me get better. Also the instagramers, passionateaboutbaking and notoutofthebox gave some series baking goals. You guys got to check them out.

A Set of Must Haves – Before We Start

Yes I never paid heed to the utensils before, but as I tried I figured, these make all the difference. It’s not many, don’t worry. Just basic investment as you start to be a baker.

Oven: This makes all the difference. Microwave is great, but the way your desserts will turn out in an oven is on a hole new level. Get yourself a good oven, Check some of them here.

Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes #CupcakesLove

Whisker: This little instrument is magic. It can make your cakes, soft, fluffy and light. A must have. If you are okay to spend a little more. Buy an electronic one as you will be spending a lota time on beating the mixture and your hands are going to pain. ;P
Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes #CupcakesLove

Baking Pans: Buy a set of cupcake tray and baking pans. Silicon or the metal one. Either way works.

Make the Best Chocolate Cupcakes #CupcakesLove

Best Cupcakes – Simple Recipe

Without further ado, Let me take you to the YouTubers who gave the most awesomest, yummy, fluffy cupcakes. <3 I made the below inspired and mixing up both their methods. Make the one that suits you the best. Trust me buttermilk cupcakes are the most softest and yummiest you’ll ever eat.

P.S: Ensure to cream the butter with sugar for a while until you get a smooth mixture. Also add the eggs one by one and whisk. This will air your batter and give you ultimate cupcakes.

Result of what I made at home and almost died when I ate it. Well I messed it a bit trying to make a silly icing. 😉

Stop drooling and go make them! Now now now..

Have you been to Mangaluru? I love the Pabba’s vanilla ice cream. I hope I can make it someday.

Until next time. Bake and feed your sweet tooth. 😉

Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links. These links earn me a small commission if you buy through the links. Being honest so as to share the information and not keep anything undisclosed. 🙂

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