An open letter to #BengaluruMetro passengers |
Open letter to Bengaluru Metro Passengers
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An open letter to #BengaluruMetro passengers

#BengaluruMetro has been a boon to many of us, cutting down travel time and the hassle of traffic. The Corporates especially seem to be saying ‘phew’ and thank you for giving them more time. Time to spend at home, for themselves and to relax. This post is sure not about what a boon it is or criticizing the metro. But an open letter to my fellow passengers in the #BengaluruMetro.

Dear you,

Congratulations! You are a Corporate and in the working class. You are one among the first from your family to be working in a big office with 24 hrs AC. Not to forget the big package you are getting. Oh yes and the many brands who are chasing and fighting with eachother to grab your attention. An envy to many. Well done to it all!Wohoo..

Now, it’s time you also BEHAVED like one! Yes am talking to you. Don’t turn away or switch it off but listen. It may just be what you are doing unknowingly or knowingly. A few things, I wish to bring to your notice and hope you shall learn/change hereafter!

Security + Others at Metro are not your slaves

Atleast 2 incidents I see every week, where you refuse to allow them to do their work. Now tell me how hard is it to allow them to do their work. Take off your bag as they do the regular checking? What gives you the right to shout at them for no reason and show your arrogance? You think you are higher than them because you work in a company behind a computer? Sorry to burst your bubble! You are no special. Surprisingly, you seem to show this arrogance only to people like these who are obliged to say anything. GROW UP! Learn to respect if you wish to be respected

Make space

Yes your bag, laptop is important  but you can always make way for another human to stand. Pushing is not a way to make space, instead have you tried to ask for it? What does it cost to say ‘Excuse me’, ‘ Can I have some space’ or ‘I would be getting down, can you please let me go?’. Doesn’t sound hard at all right? Oh wait, how about saying ‘Sorry’, when you step on someone’s feet, elbow them or hit them by mistake? Too hard? Well there sure is enough space for many if you want to make some.

Seat for elderly people

You can’t just talk to friends and preach everyone on how ‘some people’ don’t give seats to elderly and pregnant ladies. But I wonder if you do it yourself. Don’t tell me you are waiting for them to ask. If you are then well done! Stop reading now! People with children, elderly and pregnant ladies should be allowed to sit no matter. Am not just talking to men here but to all the women too. Stop pretending to be asleep or tired. Don’t you have a conscious?

Understand that you are representing a community, a group, ‘The Corporate’ and also setting examples to others on how they can or should behave. Unless you behave good with others, neither will you in return. It’s not just enough to be a ‘Corporate’ person but extremely important to behave as one too!

So would you change? Or be the same? Would you urge others to change or watch in despair?The choice is yours..


Your co-passenger

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