#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom |
#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom

#WeddingSeries : Meet ‘My Bridezilla’ says the Groom

Let’s just be brutally honest for a while and accept, you all married guys have dealt with your ‘BRIDEZILLA’. It’s a new year and already marriage season in India is on its way. And all the gorgeous couples are getting ready for their “D day”. Also you will see everyone running around arranging and getting things in place. But that is all very boring and mundane. The fun and spicy things are in here ‘the world I am about to take you into now’


Greetings to all the lovely couples who have got hitched or going to. I am one among you and just like you I thought this would not happen to me. No! I am not talking about getting married. I am talking about facing my very own beautiful and amazing “Fiancée”. Who is now possessed by “BRIDEZILLA” also read about Fiancé vs. Fiancée .

So this is what happens, you are in relationship for long enough time and then decide ‘we can’t get any better deal than this, so might as well accept this fact and get married’ Over this period of time (From new in relationship to time you both decide to set a date for marriage) you “think” you have seen it all and know it all about each-other. Hahaha boy ohh boy we can never be any more far from the truth. But we need to realize and accept the fact that we are not getting married to the girl with whom we fell in love with.

So before you all judgmental people start booing and yelling, hear me out. During this time “before wedding” your girlfriend, your fiancée turns into this mystical creature. Some call it “BRIDEZILLA”. I use the word mystical because up until this point you knew the person you were getting married to but suddenly there she is ‘she looks the same, the name is same’ but her behavior and way of thinking is something you would have never seen it. At times it’s very inspirational, and something you always wanted her to be like. But most of the time you feel ‘Shocked’ ‘Caught off-guard’ ‘Horrified’ or plain and simple “Annoyed and Irritated”. But you being you “Matured” try your best to tell yourself that it is still the same girl you fell in love with!!! NOT!!!!!

Let’s dive deeper into this and see what we can uncover about “BRIDEZILLA”

  1. There are “NO FRIEND’s Opinion” when it comes to her marriage.

#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom

PC: Bridezilla

For Instance:

Bride’s BFF: Hey that dress you selected, it does not look good on you. I think you should change it.

Bride: Oh thank you so much for your opinion you are awesome. I shall change it because your opinion is important.

(YOU: That’s my girl. Always nice and considerate about others and their opinions)

Bridezilla: “Fu*# them” it’s my life, my freedom, my choices; I don’t care what they think about me. I am still going to ditch them and do what I want. “It’s MY marriage yaar”

(YOU: huh? Wait! What? F#@%K yeah!! You go girl. Live your life on your own terms!!! I have never seen that one before!)

  1. Everything is related directly or inversely to marriage.

#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom

PC: Bridezilla

For Instance:

Bride: I have fever, cold and cough. It is because of too much travelling and not getting enough sleep.

(YOU: It is okay sweetheart. You take good rest and you will get well soon. *THINKING*: love this woman. So matured and knows how exactly why and what happened and how to deal with it.)

Bridezilla: I think I am going to die of some disease. Something bad is going to happen. OMG!!! Why why now? This is so bad!!! Why should this be happening now? I am getting married in few months!!! It’s because of marriage!!! People are “bad eyeing me” because I am getting married!!!!!! Not now please!!!I don’t want to be sick now!!! “It’s MY marriage yaar”

(YOU: HUH? What is wrong with you woman? What are you talking about? You just have cold and cough! Take a pill and sleep!! Wasn’t that how you were always when you fell sick? What is this have to do with marriage?? CRAZZZZYYY!!!!!)

  1. Everything is related directly or inversely to her and to her existence.

#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom

PC: Bridezilla

For Instance:

Bride watching two of her friends arguing: Hey!! You guys… stop this. This is so childish. You don’t have to fight or argue over such small thing. You can wear whatever you want for the marriage. Your presence is all that matters.

(YOU: Now isn’t she just the most matured and sensible person in the world? How can you not be in love with such amazing person who handles situation so well? Who knows how to solve a problem?)

Bridezilla: OMG!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Why you guys fighting? Why you doing this to me? What have I done to you people to be treated this way? Why is it such a big problem for you two? You are stressing me out!!! Why can’t you just be happy for me? I want you both to wear the same dress that I have picked. I want it that way. Why is it so difficult to do something for once just the way I want it? For my F%@#ing marriage sake!!! “It’s MY marriage yaar”

(YOU: Who are you? What are you doing in my girl’s body? This is soo horrible!! Why should this be about you? Where did the girl who always said “Let others live life the way they want and how they want!!! I am officially scared of you now!! What am I supposed to wear for “OUR” marriage?)


  1. Things you think are nonsense are the things that are most sensible to her

#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom

PC: Bridezilla

Bride: Yea sweetheart, that is okay. It does make sense in
what you saying. We do not need to worry about who is coming and who is not. And it doesn’t make matter if the color of the flowers changed and decoration is changed. All that matters is You and Me.

(YOU: Always sensible and knows what’s important and very easy going! That is my girl!!)

Bridezilla: Ohhh Hell No!!!! No ways!! This is not happening!!! This is just not acceptable. And we have ordered the place for 500 people and if your friends are not coming then we would be 10 people less. No.. Nooo!!! Not happening. This is wrong!!! People will think we showing off!!!! Ask them to coming!!! You pay for their tickets.

YOU: But then?

Bridezilla: I do not care. And also I want the flowers to be red and white. It is how it should be. I have selected my dress accordingly. It matches with the decoration. It cannot be changed. I don’t want it to look cheap. People will think we are ‘Kanzoos’!!! “It’s MY marriage yaar!!”

(YOU: How in the F world does any of this matter? It doesn’t even make sense. I am wearing the Dress you chose for me, which matches with yours. Its OUR marriage!! I will be there. Doesn’t that make sense? GOD!!! Please help me deal with this!!!

 All said and done this phase “Just before getting married” is one of the funniest phase.

Yes lots of anxiety curiosity excitement will be there. Stress and argument and fights will surely happen. When that time comes, When you see her all dressed up with just the perfect make up and with perfect limited smile for the cameras, But her eyes frantically search for that one person in the whole crowd that’s “YOU” that’s the moment you will feel this whole thing was worth every second of it. You will know no matter how crazy or stupid or unreliable or immature she might have been, she is “YOUR’S” and she is your responsibility. Love her and spoil her because she is worth every min of it. She is “YOUR BRIDEZILLA” Cheers!    

#WeddingSeries : Meet 'My Bridezilla' says the Groom

PC: Bridezilla

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