Make Your Own Triumph Over Evil Around You. Happy Deepavali |
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Make Your Own Triumph Over Evil Around You. Happy Deepavali

Deepavali or Diwali is the festival, most celebrated in India. Dasara is the triumph of Rama over Ravana, while Deepavali, the triumph of Rama returning home after winning the war. Being a mythology fanatic(rather amused with it), these two festivals become intriguing automatically. These festivals bring out the core belief that, you should celebrate the triumph over evil. Made me wonder, of the many evils that exist around us, when will we triumph over them?Do we even know they are even evil, should be the first thought I guess.

Our Everyday Battles and a Possibility of Triumph Over Evil?

Yes, I call it everyday battles than trifles, because they need to be fought and won not just discussed upon. If there is a change that needs to happened, then it can’t remain just discussion right? We live in the 21st century and yet many a practices, thoughts remain the same. We seem to be moving up and beyond with technology, but falling down deeper, when it comes to thought process.

So this deepavali, I urge you to you to fight these evil and bring triumph. It is about time we did so,

Evil 1: Sexism in Everyday Life

Everyday sexism is the biggest evil, where you assign certain roles based on gender. A woman is to cook, clean, take care of the home and children, whereas a man earns and pays the bill. Yes yes, don’t go all bonkers on me, yes yes the times have changed. A woman works and pays the bills too and men cook and clean too. Am more talking about expectations that are always set. Break away from them.

Why not take this, as a start and stop setting rules and regulations based on gender. Men, why don’t you take cooking or cleaning as a chore and not a special occasion, while ladies, take the lead, plan a date and pay for it. Also women stop obsessing over the kitchen yourself and ask for that break you want. Take some space and give men space too.

Make Your Own Triumph Over Evil Around You. Happy Deepavali


Evil 2: Being narrow minded in the name of culture & traditions

This is another major evil too. Don’t judge someone for how they decide to live. It doesn’t make someone any less Indian, if they don’t celebrate festivals or dress in a certain way. What I hate the most is, when people judge whether someone truly follows culture and traditions, based on how they dress or speak. I believe culture & traditions are more on how human you are and to not force your thoughts on someone else. Respecting elders and being humble, polite is a great pass on as a culture, but making it a hard rule to be same for everyone is not.

The compulsion to wear saree, salwar or even a dupatta, doesn’t make sense. Festivals are an occasion to get together and celebrate this love of family and friends. The specific rules on clothes and behavious are more, the narrow mindedness that is done in the name of culture & traditions. This Dipavali, how about shedding the narrow mindedness all together.

Evil 3: Controlling someone else’s life

As a person, you have a right only on your life and not anyone else. Don’t ever control your partner – husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend’s life and how they should be. Even friends or family for that matter. Giving suggestions and advises works great, but making it a compulsion to be a certain way is completely unfair.

Same goes for the children too. Don’t control them. Guide them when they are kids and after a certain age, let them make decisions and choose a path they want. Don’t force them to be your way or how you think they should be. Let someone be free and triumph over control, this deepawali.

Make Your Own Triumph Over Evil Around You. Happy Deepavali

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Evil 4: Expecting too much off your kids

Let them be kids. Period! Don’t make them your project or prodigy. Love them, make opportunities and expose them to as many experiences. But stop this expectation of them to be perfect, to achieve a lot and set high bars as to what they need to do with their life. Guide them, love them and be there, but let them pave their own way and be their own person.

Deepavali is a good occasion to celebrate your kids, as they are!

Evil 5: Not loving and believing in Yourself

This triumph over evil is a must for each one of you, this Deepavali. Know and understand that, you need to love, respect and believe in yourself the most. Yes seeking it from loved one’s makes sense, but you need to give yourself all that too. Have some ‘me’ time too, as often as possible. Do what you love and gives you happiness. Do it without guilt. You need and deserve it all.

Take risks and do what you wanted to do from a really long time. Join the gym, learn salsa, play video game, read a book or plain simple – enjoy a cup of tea. Give yourself that peace of mind and calmness to think over things or even enjoy your surroundings. Yes it is not selfish to love and believe yourself. But it is sure evil to not giving yourself love or belief.

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A Force called Usha Hegde, Who Refuses to Stop #BossLady

It’s time you triumph over evil in your everyday life. Wishing you a happy diwali and huge mounts of love and happiness, not just today, but every single day in your life.

This deepavali, what would be your triumph over evil? Do share in the comments. Would love to hear.

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